Miley Cyrus, Breakout CD


Even with her eyes closed, Miley Cyrus is staring into her future.

Gripping the biggest microphone we've ever seen, the 15-year-old appears to be demonstrating on the cover of her upcoming album, Breakout—her first solo effort to bear no trace of Hannah Montana (minus all the Disney-related promos)—that she's ready to rock, albeit demurely and in that looking-down-for-love-of-the-music way.

But whether or not tracks like "7 Things" and "Fly on the Wall" get anyone's heart pumping, it'll be more interesting to see whether that debatably inappropriate photo shoot puts a dent in Cyrus' sales.

Considering 2007's Hannah Montana 2: Meet Miley Cyrus has sold 3.3 million copies, and knowing that the bonds of tween fandom are stronger than oak, we're guessing...probably not.

And with that profound analysis on its side, Breakout is primed to satisfy the bubblegum-pop-loving kid in all of us July 22.

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