Barbara Walters lacks passion? A certain former senator from Massachusetts may respectfully disagree, but Rosie O'Donnell has wasted no time in calling out her former coworkers' lack of heat as one of the causes of tension on The View.

"Passion on that show was not number one," O'Donnell said on the Today show. "Some people confuse passion for rage. I have a lot of passion about things I believe in."

The oversize personality also said that, despite appearances, she never stirred the pot for controversy's sake, simply for honesty's.

"When somebody would say something that I found insane, I would say, 'That's insane.' "

But O'Donnell was also quick to note that while—during her infamous feud with the Comb-Over'd One—she forced Walters "to be sort of more emotional than she's comfortable with," they still maintain a relationship, with the duo trading emails and attending plays together.

She's less friendly with Elisabeth Hasselbeck, but did admit she and her polar opposite "touch base."

Still, while O'Donnell may harbor no resentment toward her onscreen pals, her offscreen ones are another story.

"It was not the people on the stage," she said of her decision to leave without finishing out her contract. "It was the director and the executive producer. You have a choice, do you want to choose to fight for a living...they made it into Hardball."

In retrospect, it was more like swing and a miss.

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