Katherine Heigl, Brendan Fehr, Jason Behr, Roswell


With all the hype on The Hills, I decided to check it out. It seemed kinda scripted to me—is it?
—A. Mendez

You've heard the hype, but you haven't heard this? Well, it depends on what you mean by scripted. Lauren Conrad has said that certain scenes are reenacted to make for cleaner storytelling. But officially, the show has no writers, Conrad says.

Whatever happened to the cast of Roswell? Obviously, Katherine Heigl is doing OK these days, but where did everyone else end up?
—Lady Bird

Shiri Appleby has managed to snag a few movies projects every year, mostly in minor parts, such as "Jailbait" in Charlie Wilson's War. Jason Behr has fared a bit better. He has a supporting role in the upcoming Bruce Willis war picture Pinkville. As for Brendan Fehr, look for him in the upcoming ABC Family miniseries Samurai Girl, slated to air in August.

When rappers drop names of companies in songs, do they have to pay the companies?
—Dylan, Japan


One of your earlier answers joked about the idea of a "public deflowering" of teenage girl celebrities at age 17. Is it physically possible for Cyrus' family to not know in advance that the recent bare-back Miley photo in Vanity Fair would seem sexual to her fans? Is the bare-back, wearing-a-sheet photo simply part of managing her career?

With that fruit-punch mouth and pedophilia pout and the faux-satin bedsheet? Let's put it this way: Someone in Camp Miley knew that the photo would look less than innocent. People smart enough to build a $1 billion franchise don't suddenly get stupid when Vanity Fair comes calling.

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