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Is there nothing Spencer Pratt can’t spin?

Lo and Stephen were having a chatty little interview with Ryan Seacrest this morning on KIIS-FM—dishing about all things L.C. (she’s seeing someone, but he’s not famous), when, in a puff of sulfur, Spencer appears on the phone to "clarify" the L.C. sex-tape rumor and verbally eviscerate everyone. With a smile, of course.
Spencer: I just wanted to address something here, ‘cause there were never rumors…Lo and L.C. weren’t speaking when all this was going on, and I know for a fact she can make things up. But they weren’t friends when the whole rumors thing came out. But the bottom line is I heard L.C. crying about the sex tape that Jason Wahler did have and was trying to sell, so many times for six months and Heidi trying to get it back and L.C. trying to save the day, but they never got it back. So, there’s no rumors. Bottom line: Heidi never made something up. Jason and L.C. have this. Jason was trying to sell it. Heidi tried to get it back. They blame Heidi once it goes public.

Lo and Stephen remain as silent as paint during Spencer’s soliloquy, so Ryan steps in.

Ryan: You guys are adults. Why can’t you just sit down at a restaurant and have a conversation and say life’s too short?
Spencer: If L.C. was smart, we’d all sit down and be the new Friends cast, and be driving Lamborghinis.

The new cast of Friends? We’re guessing that would make Spencer the Chandler character, since nobody really knows what the hell it is he does that makes him so much money.

Lo only manages to muster the courage to speak to Spencer after he hangs up.

Lo: I think his mother should be ashamed of him.
Ryan: Why didn’t you tell him all of that a second ago?
Lo: Because I really don’t feel the need to converse with Spencer.

The need, or the nerve?

Maybe they can hash this out later at Central Perk.
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