Matthew Fox, Men's Health Magazine

In the new action flick Speed Racer, zooming into theaters May 9, Matthew Fox certainly holds his own on the track as the titular character's rival Racer X.

But does the actor have what it takes to really put the pedal to the metal?

Sure enough, in the latest Men's Health, Matthew is taken to task to see if the real-life novice can master the race-car prowess he so eloquently displays on screen.

In doing so, the Lost star also digs pretty deep on a number of issues and, subsequently, reveals a lot about himself along the way: "My wife and I have very intense fights, but they're over in 10 minutes," says Matthew. "We don't hold on to stuff. Life's too short for that."

The enlightened actor continues, "The more you're conscious of this, the easier it is to reach across the aisle and say, 'I'm sorry we got here. What are you seeing? How can we fix this?'"

A discussion about the importance of family leads Matthew to reveal that his "father was hard on me in a positive way. There's a fine line between demanding and abusive. If he was demanding of me, he demanded that much more from himself."

And when conversing about the importance of having a sense of perspective, he states, "It's amazing how many people walk around in this world thinking their way is the right way and the only way. That's pretty dangerous and pretty unforgivable."


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