Forgetting Sarah Marshall

Glen Wilson/Universal Pictures

Jackie Chan! Kristen Bell! Osama Bin Laden! And a really sad, really funny guy! It's a strange week at the box office, but we've seen it all (or most of it). Here's what's opening, and what we thought. Click for full reviews.

Forgetting Sarah MarshallSensitive guy (Jason Segel) gets dumped by a hot famous chick (Bell) and shakes it off in Hawaii. Smart, funny flick with great cameos. Grade: B+

The Forbidden Kingdom:  A kid gets sucked back into ancient China to—no, really—learn kung fu from Chan and Jet Li. Blah story, weakass characters, awesome fight scenes. Grade: C

Where in the World Is Osama bin Laden:  That Super Size Me guy goes looking for Public Enemy No. 1 in a kinda-funny documentary. Bites off more than he can chew, though. Grade: C+

88 Minutes:  Pacino has, like, an hour or so to figure out who's trying to kill him and why. Can he do it? Can he?! Not screened for critics, so it's most likely terrible. Grade: n/a, but probably D

Expelled: No Intelligence AllowedSuperlame doc with Ben Stein pushing for creationism, er, "intelligent design" in classrooms. Really? We used to think Ben Stein was cool. Grade: F

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