Them over—her men, at least. And, babes, are we here to tell you about it. Plus, what the P-hon herself has to say about all that nasty marriage (heaven forbid!) goss about her. Also, Hills hotness lives on, moldy as it may seem at this date in time.

Kristin Cavallari

Courtesy PURE Nightclub

For all of you who are sick to death of things Speidi, here's some bit of goss not about The Hills nitwits. Instead, let's catch up with the Laguna lady herself, Kristin Cavallari, shall we? Krissy C flew down to Ef-Hell-Ay for DJ Irie's celebrity golf tourney—who knew the reality-show star was so into sports? Guess golf is the least sweaty activity she could be doing, next to maybe chess. (Don't count on seeing that anytime soon.)


While off the green, K-babe was seen "dancing and sitting very closely" to Sebastian Puga, says our utterly reliable Desk Ef-Hell-Ay, at B.E.D. Miami. S.P. is S.B.'s mover 'n' shaker of Rokbar, one of South Beach's sleekest, edgiest spots to celebrate in style. Certainly a step up from dating Brody Jenner, who's only famous for being Brody Jenner.

Brody Jenner

Courtesy Warner Bros

Cav-hon donned a green, one-shoulder minidress and black Louboutins, which she more than happily kicked off to get more comfy on a mattress with her boy babe. The two left the posh and pillowy nightspot hours later in a big group, hopping into an SUV and speeding off. Makes sense now that K.C. celebrated her birthday last winter in Florida with two consecutive nights at—where else?—the Rok. Just 'cause you're not longer on a TV show, darlin', doesn't mean people aren't tracing your skanky-esque steps.

Paris Hilton

Steve Granitz/

Paris Hilton has a reputation for shacking up with fellas and throwing them out. Let's just say if a peroxided praying mantis had its own clothing line and accessory pup, you couldn't spot the difference in a lineup. But believe it or not, this famed dame has had her fair share of "serious" relationships, all played out in the public eye. Before we check in on what Ms. P had to say to us regarding her latest praying (preying?) man sitch, let's take a look back at our lady's luck in eternal-ish love:

2000: Paris, at the blessed age of 19, films a sex tape with then-boyfriend Rick Salomon, and its legacy lives longer than any relationship she'll have in the next eight years.

2002-2003: Par gets engaged to fashion model Jason Shaw. Guess she can't stand being around someone prettier than she, 'cause the relaysh doesn't last (she was actually a little tame for him, from what I hear). We'll call that one a run-thru engagement.

Nick Carter

Jean-Paul Aussendard/

2003-2004: P-hon dates Backstreet Boy Nick Carter, and although N.C. never slips a ring on her finger, he allegedly lays the back of his hand on her arm.


2005: Paris gets engaged to Greek shipping heir Paris Latsis, which is the closest way of basically marrying herself.

2005-2006: Greek Shipping Heir No. 1 is out; here comes the sequel, with G.S.H. No. 2, Stavros Niarchos III.

Benji Madden

Jose Perez/

2008: P.H. tires of the pretty boys and takes a break by dating Benji Madden. She talks endlessly about gettin' hitched to the short 'n' stout, bald 'n' tattooed rocker whose slowly morphing her into a good 'n' proper Mrs. Madden.

If this list attests to anything, it shows that our Princess P is a fickle picker when it comes to romance. She went from her boy-band phase to attaching herself to rich men in her same social status, to "bad boy" Benj with his unconventional looks and laidback attitude toward the limelight, which makes him prolly the best influence this doll has had in the last decade. If these two do tie the knot, please, Par, use sorta-niece Harlow as a test-drive before you try and conceive.

But hold on, you rice-throwing dearies: Ran into P-hon at mama Kathy's benefit do for P.S. Arts over at the Photographers Gallery. Some soiree called "The Good Life," as if the Hiltons know anything 'bout the bad kind—at least that rarefied clan's honest about their entitled merde. Rich-ass offspring, all in virginal white told us she was "just happy the way we are," regarding any nuptial plans with B.M. when we asked. Oops. Just realized what unfortunate initials Paris' boyfriend has. Hideous. No wonder she's not going to marry the dude. And take it from this smelly goss, that's what this dismissive statement's code for—this much I know after enough years in the nasty biz of love.


Sony Pictures

Sick of Spidey and hungering for something more than the Hulk? We are, too—completely over every comic-book tale we've seen time and time again. So we checked out the Hancock premiere at Grauman's Chinese in H'wood to see what's up with this new kinda superhero, who starts off as slimey and stuck up as all the average folk in T-town and revamps his image a whole 180 to become beloved by all. Is this Nicole Richie we're talkin' about?

Will Smith, decked out in a tweed suit, was just a touch more glam than anything Daniel Day Lewis donned in There Will Be Blood. His face was the first one on the scene, spending most of his time cavorting with screaming fans on the street. Jada, 'course, was also there in a serene green frock, complete with their kiddos Trey, Jayden and Willow, all as stylish as you would expect from the sorta first family of H'wood.

Will Smith, Tom Cruise

Lisa O'Connor/

Haven't ya heard? Will-babe is the last bona fide movie star on Earth. Good news for him, not so great guff for bestie Tom Cruise, who was a no-show at the flick's fete. Was he irked that W.S. ain't owning up to allegedly joinin' Scientology? Regardless, Cruisey was obvs not interested in setting his sights on this Hancock.

We asked Jae Head, who plays Charlize Theron's son in the superhero pic, if he learned any lessons from role model Will while on the set. "I asked him how he became a star, and he goes, 'I just did my work,' " said the tyke. Let that be a lesson to all of you lazy lads and ladies out there. Want giant mansions and Posh and Becks on speed dial? Sweat for it.

Amanda Peet

NBC/Art Streiber

If you throw a big-ass blockbuster premiere, they will come. "They" being all the sorta-celebs without much going on, hoping to score some sweet PR on the carpet. One such hanger-on was Amanda Peet, dolled up in an unshapely, black long-sleeved shirt and unmatching skirt. Instead of daring to ask who her stylist was, we queried who her real-life superhero is. "Jason Bateman," said the pretty Peet. "Number two—my husband." Wow, we promise we won't tell your writer hubby, David Benioff, ya said that, but we won't promise not to write it down here for everyone else to read.


When we caught up to the J-Bay babe himself, we told him about Mandy P's affections. "I pay her so much money to say stuff like that," said the funny former child star. Lookin' hot in basic black from head to toe, the Arrested Development actor could pay us zilch and we'd still wax poetic on his offbeat good looks.

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