From Adrian Grenier's papa fixation to Lindsay Lohan's H-town fatherly advisors, babes, do we have a sugar-daddy Thursday for you! Plus, what’s Nicole Richie putting down her gullet (or not) this time round? Bottoms up!
Get ready for what is perhaps the longest sentence I have ever penned, and no, I have not been imbibing (think I'm the only one in town who isn't!):

While so many of today's young celebs turn to drinkin' 'n' druggin' in an effort to ease the pain of absent parents and adolescence lost, only to wind up with multiple DUIs and stints in rehab before they even imbibe their first legal drink at Les Deux, it's refreshing, not to mention nearly unheard of, to see a talented star channel the experience into something creative and productive.

Adrian Grenier, Ben Lyons

E! Networks

I'm not sayin' that my man Adrian Grenier doesn't party—he was recently spotted sailing around the French Riviera on a private yacht with a personal supply of alcohol that rivals that of La Lohan. But he also manages to accomplish the "creative and productive" part...and isn't a star who works hard and parties hard the best kind anyway? In his directorial debut, the documentary Shot in the Dark, A.G. travels across the country interviewing everyone from priests to psychics about the significance of the father-son relationship—before reconnecting with his own father. Britney and Kevin's Chaotic it ain't. In fact, I dare to say that Shot in the Dark is as heartfelt as Adrian-baby is humpable.
At the premiere, Adrian’s father, John Dunbar, took time to answer some questions from yours truly on his first red carpet ride...brave man.
Lindsay Lohan, Calum Best, Dina Lohan

Jamie McCarthy/

"What advice do you have for parents like Lindsay Lohan's father, who is currently trying to reconnect with his daughter?" I asked.

"Be patient," he suggested. "And maybe use a mediator or some sort of counseling."

Hmmm, I don't think papa Lohan would have a problem being filmed—God knows the man ain't camera shy.
Entourage Cast

Mark Sullivan/

Also there to show their support were Adrian's onscreen Entourage (minus one Jeremy Piven): Kevin Connolly, Kevin Dillon, Jerry Ferrara, and my favorite, Rex Lee. But where, oh where, was Jeremy, though?

Oh right, partying at the BlackBerry bash across town with a leggy blonde. The Pivs chose a PDA over supporting his costar? Say it ain't so! 

Jean Claude Van Damme

Jeff Vespa/

Jean-Claude Van Damme, making the best of a sucky seat sitch on a flight from New Yawk to Hell-Ay. J.C.V.D. was somehow stuck in coach, rather than first class, with his mystery blonde. Quelle horreur! Instead of making a big fuss over a less than roomy situation, Jean-Claude sent the passenger next to him up to first class for free, so he could sit by his delish arm-candy chica. Declining cash for the free upgrade, he told the recipient to order what he wanted and enjoy first class. Van Damme is "much more handsome in person, very likeable, and still in great shape," according to seat spies. Good manners can be found here in L.A.! Just ask...

Oz Perkins

Dimitrios Kambouris/

Oz Perkins, at the West Hollywood library on Saturday. "We bumped into each other, and he held the door open for me, which was nice as I was carrying four books," says Desk Reading Can Be Fun. My spy musta not been knocked around too badly, since she was able to notice how "very sexy in person" Oz was, adding that he has his father's (actor Anthony Perkins) eyes. Hmmm...sounds like she wanted to pick up a little more than just books! Needing to pick up her fork across town was...
Nicole Richie

Mike Guastella/

Nicole Richie, dining at Cabana Club Café in the Beverly Hills Hotel for lunch Saturday afternoon. "Nicole didn't even touch her food, but she did muster up enough energy to sip down her strawberry drink," says Desk Snarky, like, totally avoiding any preggers commentary. Other reality show revelers out and about included...

Kristin Cavallari

John Shearer/

Kristin Cavallari, hittin' the Kari Feinstein Style Lounge for the MTV Movie Awards. Said swag suite was held in a huge-ass mansion on Tower Drive. Kristin, clad in a black top and white wide-leg pants, rolled in with boy-toy Nick Zano, their dog and his mom. Must be serious if she's meeting the parentals, huh? Nick's mama stood by patiently as the kids scored a free year of Netflix and portable iPod speakers from iMainGo. Another made-for-MTV couple was...
Spencer Pratt, Heidi Montag

Donato Sardella/

Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt. The newly engaged duo was seen hangin' at the Viceroy hotel in Santa Monica this weekend. "He so just looks around to see who's looking at him," says my icked-out witness. As for Heidi's schnoz? "Sometimes one perfect feature (new nose) really shines a spotlight on all the other less than perfect features (the rest of her face)," reports my hideously jealous witness. Meow! Our lethal onlooker was equally dismayed that Brittany Murphy, also at the same spot, was "chain-smoking and eating at the same time" and that the young, punk-looking guy she was with (who was not her new hubby) had "stringy hair." Once married to a dude with a questionable coif himself was...
Mimi Rogers

Steve Granitz/

Mimi Rogers, hittin' the GBK Productions Gift Suite at the Sofitel. Miz Rogers declared she "didn't need to have sex tonight" after sampling chocolates from Allie's Edibles. Wonder if she preferred chocolate to coitus back during her marriage to Tom Cruise, as well? Randy readers, I dare ya to answer!
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