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Is Britney Spears hittin' a House of Blues stage very soon under a candy-coated stage name? We’re on rumor patrol...and so is Lindsay Lohan! What's her take on the girly gossip about her and Samantha Ronson? All that and more scoop than Jennifer Lopez can shake her booty at!

Britney Spears

AP Photo/Mark J. Terrill

Quick update on Britney's big House of Blues comeback tour we told you about two weeks ago: Rumors are rampant that it kicks off tonight at HOB in San Diego, with stops in Anaheim and L.A., and the blog buzz is that she's performing under the name the M+M's. Whoever
ends up taking the stage is gonna have a full house—tickets are sold out at all three locations.

Brit's rep didn't return my email, how convenient. When I rang HOB, I was told they've heard the rumors, too, but that "it hasn't been confirmed." But a source close to camp Spears insists her tour is starting very soon.

Assuming this whole sugary show does actually go down, I'm hearing there'll be plenty of Brit's trademark moves, along with a few of her backup dancers, and if those ridiculous rehearsal outfits we told you about are any indicator, her costumes will be pretty crazy, too. She's supposedly singing some old hits and debuting a few new songs as well.

Britney Spears

Darren Banks/Splash News

But what I'm dying to know is whether she'll rock the bald head or wear one of her god-awful wigs. I'm thinking the latter, but whatever the follicular choice, break a leg, BritBrit! I saw you bring the heat in Atlantic City back in 2001, and I'm betting you've still got it in you.

Lindsay Lohan

Steve Granitz/

Celebs may love to complain about gossip mags, but one thing’s for sure: An Us Weekly party brings all the stars to the yard. From J.Lo to L.Lo, the couture-clad celebs flocked to Sugar for their annual Hot Hollywood fete.

Lindsay was given Red Carpet Style props from the mag, and since the starlet so often appears on the covers and pages of the tabloids, I asked her how much of what she reads is accurate.

“Some percent is true, but I’ll admit it if it’s true,” a busty and blond Linds answered. “There’s a lot of things out there now that aren’t true."

Lindsay Lohan, Samantha Ronson

Jun Sato/

“Such as?” I asked, giving her the chance to clear the rumor record.

“Silly things...that you can’t have friends who are girls. It’s ridiculous,” she ranted. Sure she’s referring to the rumors that she and gal-pal Samantha Ronson are more than just platonic. Samantha wasn’t at said party, and Linds opted to hang at a table with Kim Kardashian and other friends, a room away from Paris & Co. Speaking of Miz Hilton, I hear she and Josh Henderson are over after a particular nasty public fight last Monday at Saddle Ranch. She arrived without said arm candy to the party, but who knows? By the time you read this, they may have very well kissed and made up.

Marc Anthony, Jennifer Lopez

Steve Granitz/

Definitely not headed for splitsville were Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony. The duo strutted the carpet together, lookin’ happy as can be. Jen was being honored as Us Weekly's Style Icon and was sporting a cream-colored suit and some seriously glittery eye makeup. I asked the glam gal, who told me she “sometimes” reads the rags, how Marc has influenced her fashion.

“He has more of a rock 'n' roll, bohemian, earthy vibe,” she said of her other half, dressed in a basic black suit. “And I like that, too. So, I kinda rock that once in a while myself.”

Pete Wentz

George Pimentel/

The couple that shares style secrets stays together, right? Speaking of, Pete Wentz was strolling solo down the carpet. His sometimes girlfriend Ashlee Simpson had arrived earlier and dashed inside.

I asked the eyelined guy just what exactly gives with him and Ash. After all, he’d told me a few months back that they were just buds. “We’re working on a Siamese hand-holding separation surgery,” he joked about their digital dance. “It’s touch and go for awhile. In the next 12 to 14 hours, my hand may be able to hold itself.”

Maybe so, as I saw Ash exit the party with a bunch of girls just as I got inside. No Petey in sight.

Rose McGowan

Jerome Ware/

Rose McGowan tried to joke off my twosome Q’s, too. “My big boyfriend is named Chester,” she offered, when I asked her about romance with Robert Rodriguez. “And he’s 10-and-a-half years old, and he’s a Boston terrier. He’s the love of my life!"

Marilyn Manson, Evan Rachel Wood

John Shearer/

Oh really, Rose...a much younger (albeit furry) man? Wonder if she learned that from her ex, Marilyn Manson, who’s currently robbing (and rocking) the cradle with Evan Rachel Wood?

For even more soiree scoop and table-hopping hijinks, check out Hollywood Party Girl's post-bash report.

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