What's the real deal with Robert Rodriguez and Rose McGowan? Are the twosome still collaborating, creatively, even though the movie's wrapped? Plus, another Rodriguez has a new gal-pal, or so it seems; plus, what's up with Eva Longoria's latest kooky couture choice?
Rose McGowan

Jerome Ware/ZUMApress.com

'Kay, before we head to more breathy, slightly more gorgeous gonzo goings-on (Gisele 'n' that glittery crowd), let's revisit Robert Rodriguez and his leading Grindhouse lady, Rose McGowan—the one who has a machine gun for a leg. In the flick, that is.

I mean, one minute R. 'n' R. are reportedly all hot 'n' heavy with each other—even though their flacks won't comment.

Robert Rodriguez

Paul Fenton/ZUMAPress.com

Next thing I'm told from deep inside Camp R. 'n' R. is that Bobby and his producer wife, Elizabeth Avellan, are trying to give it another whatever. This, despite the fact that the two professional breeders have decided to separate.

Now, the scuttlebutt from those close to both Robert and Rose is that the two R's have become engaged. Oh, please! Watching these three mush-kateers finagle their amour affections (affectations?) is better than the movies Rodriguez is putting out these days.

(And that's saying something, says the goss columnist with an M16 where his mouth should be.)

Hey, you three loco amigos! What the eff's up? 'Cause we know your reps never bother with reality...Do tell.

Gisele Bundchen

Kevin Mazur/Wireimage.com

Mum was the word for Gisele Bündchen Thursday night at the Vogue Eyewear party in Miami. Now, relax, readers, I'm not saying she's knocked up, as some peeps keep mouthing despite G.'s denials.

Just thought I'd tell you all that the Victoria's Secret vixen wouldn't answer any Q's about those pesky pregnancy rumors, though her figure looked flawless and fabber than ever, in a billowing Roberto Cavalli beach cover-up

G., who wasn't imbibing, also wouldn't gab at all about that hunky honey of hers, Tom Brady. And even though I'd personally love to hear the mattress deets on these two pro-babes, I bet Tom's ex Bridget Moynahan is glad G-hon isn't gushing about how happy she is with her new deltoid toy.

Michelle Rodriguez

Gregg DeGuire/WireImage.com

Oh, and speaking of sweaty 'n' swooning, Michelle Rodriguez was at the Vogue do with a new femme friend by her side. Mich, in a white, Sharon Stone, Basic Instinct-esque frock, traded her ankle bracelet accessory for Vogue sunglasses, which she said made her feel "bitchy in a good way"—whatever that means. Eh, this gorgeous hellraiser never did make the most sense, right?

M-babe's new gal-pal was a "petite brunette" and "never left Michelle's side," according to ogling onlookers.

The bitchin' honeys were spotted later that same evening at SET holding hands. Guess Kristanna Loken's got some girly competition for the title of Michelle's BFF? Would seem so.

Catherine Zeta-Jones

Phil Han/ZUMA Press.com

Catherine Zeta-Jones, havin' an oops moment. Cat was shooting the cover of In Style and walked into the office next door by mistake, mid-shoot. To make things even more awkward, Michael Douglas' better-lookin' half was wearing a bathrobe! My fortuitous witness reports "up close, she's beautiful" and looks way younger than her 37 years. Love that lucky lass! Doing the double-date thing elsewhere were...
Adam Sandler

411/Most Wanted/ZUMAPress.com

Adam Sandler and his wife, saving seats at Houston's. Century City Mall, of all pedestrian places. "They were sitting in a booth, all warm and cuddly," reports Desk Chain Chow. Joining the lovey-dovey duo was A.S.'s I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry costar Kevin James and his wife-unit. They ate and left, all very normal and boring, I assure you. Vamping in a snootier spot was...

Dimitrios Kambouris/WireImage.com

Eve, at Teddy's on Saturday night. Despite doormen insisting the joint was "at capacity" when plebeians attempted entry, the rapper-slash-actress breezed right by the throngs of would-be partiers. Eve was sporting her signature blond extensions and showin' some skin in an itty-bitty black dress. A blond babe doing the outdoors thing included...
Kristin Cavallari

John Shearer/WireImage.com

Kristin Cavallari, spotted walking a pup in Runyon Canyon. (It wasn't the one she used to have with Brody Jenner, either.) Perhaps it's her new b-f Nick Zano's pooch? Nevertheless, K-hon was casual in a ponytail, wife-beater, black pants and big shades. She almost seemed glad that I semi-recognized her, for the record. Life after reality TV and a canceled show is a bitch, huh, babe?
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