Let's see what Nic Kidman's BFF, Naomi Watts, has to say about her new pic, The Painted Veil, plus hairy sitches such as men, producing films and loving and hating who you're stuck with at home, 'kay? Plus, Jared Leto and Britney Spears step out, and the Awful Truth's here to holler 'bout it!
Edward Norton, Naomi Watts

Lester Cohen/WireImage.com

The Painted Veil, the new Naomi Watts and Edward Norton flick about adultery, great Chinese landscapes and Mr. N.'s sumptuous butt, premiered Wednesday evening at ArcLight Cinemas here in Hell-Ay. Aussie A-lister Watts arrived at said event straight off a plane from New Yawk after doing Today that morning. Can you believe Nic Kidman's best gal-pal didn't even look the least bit jet-lagged? Damn those friggin' beaucoup bucks beauty concoctions!

Since we're all still reeling over the dissolution of the century's greatest romance, i.e., Brit 'n' K-Fed, and since Painted is largely about fixing broken marriages, I asked Watts for her two cents on fizzling romance. She was rather game:

"So often when you're in a relationship, it's like mad fireworks and sexual chemistry and then that fades off," N.W. surmised, supersultry in her nude Givenchy. But then she changed mood gears a tad: "And then you come in and get irritated and stop laughing at each other's jokes."

Naomi Watts, Liev Schreiber

Paul Fenton/ZUMApress.com

Hmmm...Could Naomi-doll be referring to her long-term relationship with Liev Schreiber, by any chance?

'Cause I was feelin' those ultra-blah vibes from her and Schreiber, who arrived holding Ms. W.'s hand, and, ultimately, the duo acted rather blasé together during photo ops and interviews. Where's the red-hot randy stuff with you two cuties? Cooling?

I asked Norton, who was flyin' solo, for his ruminations on unions, of any variety, gone awry. "I think anybody who's been in a relationship for a long time can relate to wanting to poison their wife," he joked.

Veddy interesting comment, considering Ed-babe has never been married. Could these types of off-the-cuff comments be why seductive Salma Hayek left Ed back in the day? I hardly think so, but it raises the question, no?

Naomi Watts

Steve Granitz/WireImage.com

Oh, and the next night, those unstoppable Aussies in Film held yet another one of their saucy screenings of the same flick, for which Watts, dressed down in jeans (and no Liev or Ed in sight—just Painted costar Toby Jones) showed up to take audience questions. I planned to just stop by and listen, as I'm a huge fan of the film, which is subtly poignant and exquisitely acted—based on the W. Somerset Maugham book about a doc and his cheating, wandering wife in cholera-laden China—which means it'll prolly make three cents, but here's hoping I'm wrong!

Poo. Even though irascible and behemoth rugby star Ian Roberts was in the audience, I've never been so disappointed by a bunch of Down Under types in my life. Stupid-ola question after inane utterance abounded. "Was the movie filmed in a real church?" was my personal fave, to which an apparently stupefied Watts, who was also a producer on the pic, muttered, "No...it was a set."

Clearly, it was time to take matters in my own hairy hands. I stood up. "An ape or a man who hates you for what you've done, Naomi?" I shouted from the back row. "Which is more difficult to conquer in a scene of romantic tension?"

"Oh, the ape," she practically exhaled, either at the memory of those come-hither King Kong moments or the relief of having a somewhat alive query to answer. "Absolutely."

Funny. Woulda guessed just the opposite, you?

Jared Leto

John Shearer/WireImage.com

Jared Leto, tryin' to lay low amongst holiday shoppers. The stuffed-to-the-gills Grove on Sunday night. Musta been laundry day for Jare-babe 'cause my shop spy reports his whole outfit was dirty. The dude was rockin' superskinny tight gray pants, a black jacket with a hoodie and a hat pulled low. I think this rocker is more like 30 seconds to a makeover lately, but what do I know? Offering opinions elsewhere was...
Jearlyn Steele, Lindsay Lohan's costar in Robert Altman's final flick A Prairie Home Companion. The gal with the power pipes was boarding a plane from Atlanta to New York on Friday when a fellow passenger asked if it's true that L.L. can sing much better than she can act. "Uh-huh," answered J.S. definitively. Funny, I thought it'd be other way around. Another singer-slash-actor back West was...
Britney Spears

John Sciulli/WireImage.com

Britney Spears, steppin' out to dine at Dominick's with a buncha dudes. Friday night in Hell-Ay. B.S. left said spot with agent Jason Trawick, with whom Ms. S. has been seen around town lately. The poor guy was hit in the head with one of the paps' cameras as he exited. Guess those kinda injuries come with the tabloid princess territory, huh, babe?
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