Men, men and more men! From Pete Wentz's sweet (albeit lying) puss to Nicole Richie's man collection, girlfriends, we're all about the male form and ripe to inform this wowin' Wednesday. Ready to find out what Wilmer's been putting his mouth around? Thought so...

Lindsay Lohan

Lester Cohen/

Got much more goss from the Genetic Denim bash Lindsay Lohan hit last Thursday. Area. I already told you about Linds' brush-off response to my query of why she called Paris a see you next Tuesday the night before. Ugh. Such a downer, that L2 can be—sometimes.

Oh, but I didn't mention L2 was rockin' a red 90-day sobriety charm. Yet again. (She's pulled this before.)

What gives, girlfriend? You off the sauce before you're even legal to sip it in the first place? Her reppers say it's to support a friend. Isn't that sweet? I mean, I've been collecting the sober knickknacks fer eons, and I've got oodles of amigas—but not one has ever offered to wear my clean-living jewelry. I'm crushed.

Or are you just trying on the 12-step line of plastic goodies, just to see how it feels, Ms. L.?

Harry Morton, Stavros Niarchos

Amy Graves/, Jeff Vespa/

Even more sobering for Linds, I'm sure, was the fact that two of her ex-flings, Harry Morton and Stavros Niarchos, were in the boppin' house, as well. Both boys did zero press, but Harry's actions inside were rather telling.
But let's get back to on-and-off couples on the carpet, shall we? Pete Wentz arrived, sans Ashlee, who came about 30 minutes later on the arm of Ken Paves. I asked P. whether he preferred his ladies dressed up or down.
Pete Wentz

John Sciulli/

"I like dressed down, like, 99 percent of the time," waxed Petey-poo. "So that the  1 percent [dressed up] is really insane. Also, I'm, like, five foot one, so when girls are wearing heels, they're, like, gigantic…but then it's just something to conquer, I guess."

Boyfriend, you, Tom Cruise and Kevin Connolly could start a support group for that, already! (Although Pete seems more at peace with his diminutive stature than T.C., among other things.)

I asked P.W. whether he looks for someone shorter than him when dating. "I look for someone I can share clothes with, to be honest with you," he replied with a straight, as it were, puss. "That's probably my number one goal. Not really undergarments...well, maybe, I don't really know."

You don't say? Tell us more, mister! "Definitely jeans. I wear, like, 27, 28." Manorexic, much? "Sometimes I'll wear 25s, but you can see the outline of each individual pubic hair in the 25s." Pete always gives these crazy candid sound bites—until I ask about his love life, of course.

Ashlee Simpson

Ashlee Simpson/UPPA/

"Are you sharing jeans with Ashlee Simpson?" I attempted once again.

"We would definitely share jeans…we're just buddies, though," he deflected, real downy stuff. "No jean swapping."

I call big-time bulls--t! 'Cause I saw Ash 'n' Pete canoodling and holding hands inside Area just nanoseconds after this exchange. Ash was also getting friendly with Linds. The gals posed for pics together and hung at the same table for a bit. Perhaps the two are joining forces to fight against Paris?

Noticeably absent from the mix: sister Jessica, who was expected but never showed. Maybe she was upset about Nick and Vanessa's joint B-day bash at Social that went down the night before?

Janet Jackson

Nancy Kaszerman/

Also spied inside: Janet Jackson (sans Jermaine Dupri) and Dennis Rodman, causing a ruckus and smoking, like, the biggest blunt ever. Harry Morton was pretty burnin' himself, chatting up myriad girls throughout the eve (not Linds).

I think it's safe to say he's so over the daughter of the White Oprah (as, utterly embarrassingly, Dina Lohan likes to call herself).

Not so sure the feeling's mutual, though.
Nicole Richie

Maury Phillips/

Nicole Richie, not eating during her late lunch. Sunday afternoon at the Ivy. Nic dined inside with a mystery dude and wore her red, oversize Jackie O's the whole damn time. "She still looks exactly the same," said a fellow masticator, "and she barely touched her food." Nic left around 2:15 p.m. in a Mercedes G-Wagen, with a diff unknown guy in the passenger seat. Hmmm, sounds like Ms. R. is workin' her men more than her molars! Love it. Eschewing overpriced goodies elsewhere was…

Kristin Bell

Dan Herrick/

Kristen Bell, rockin' an adorable white and black Target frock from their Behnaz Sarafpour line. The gala celebration for the reopening of the US Grant hotel in San Diego last week. K.B. had come directly from the set of Veronica Mars, which also films in S.D., and said she couldn't wait to bring her history-buff  'rents to the newly remodeled digs. Putting in time toward a good cause were…
Cassie Steele

George Pimentel/

Cassie Steele and Melissa McIntyre, stars of Degrassi: The Next Generation, at the So…? Fragrance Kiss for a Cause event. Saturday at the Brea Mall in the O.C. More than 400 fans turned up to donate shoes 'n' kisses to the Soles4Souls charity in exchange for free perfume. Stinking up another locale was…

Brandon Davis

Chris Weeks/

Brandon Davis, meandering through the Farmers Market with China Chow. Sunday at the Grove. B.D. was smoking, wearing all black and looking "pissed off and disheveled…as if he hadn't bathed in a few." So. Whatever. Don't even know why I wrote this up, except in hopes that the photo department could find yet another embarrassingly corpulent shot of the creep. More appetizing to onlookers elsewhere was…
Wilmer Valderrama

Lisa O'Connor/

Wilmer Valderrama, surrounded by a gaggle of gals at a soiree for his new flick, Fast Food Nation. Wilmer, host with the most, rented out the upstairs of Geisha House and treated guests to an open bar, tons o' free grub and a deejay. Wilmer, looking semidapper in a suit, even got on the mike himself for some impromptu rapping—so K-Fed of him. Avril Lavigne and Deryck Whibley were there, along with new couple Kristin Cavallari and Nick Zano, who were canoodling all night, despite the errant sounds heard round.

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