Dirty Sexy Money


Good news for those of you who like Money! (Anyone? Thought so! Word on the street is you also like oxygen.)

As you may have heard, filming of the ABC drama Dirty Sexy Money has been on a break since mid-June, but I'm told today that a new direction has been carved out and that the series will be back in production by the end of July. In short, DSM is back on track. In shortest: Holla!

The sophomore season of DSM is expected to hit ABC in late September, and insiders tell me creator Craig Wright and new executive producer Jon Feldman have cooked up some intriguing storylines that will please both the decision makers at the Alphabet Net and more importantly (from where I'm sitting), you, my brethren, the Dirty little fans.

Craig Wright

Kevin Parry/WireImage.com

What is this new direction for season dos? I went straight to big boss Wright for a sneak peek, and he kindly offered up this juicy (wear a bib), exclusive tease:

"This season it will become more evident then ever that in order to be a part of this family, it's going to cost you. The season premiere promises to bring an arresting development, a revelation that makes you wonder how well you know your spouse and a buried secret that resides just below the surface."

Now, I'm no rocket scientist, but if I had to guess, I'd say (a) someone's getting arrested, (b) someone's finding a dead body and (c) someone's playing the Newlywed Game. (Here's hoping they ask the strangest place they've made whoopie!)

Or wait, maybe the third thing is that someone's spouse has a deep, dark secret? That sounds a smidgen more believable.

What do you think these teases mean for the not-so-darling Darlings?

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