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Hooray for slow summer TV news days! It gives me the excuse to post a pretty picture of Dave Annable and share with you a recent chat we had at the St. Jude's Scrabble charity fundraiser.

Click in for his answers about Justin and Rebecca, the newest Walker and the endless influx of "hot dudes" to the show.

We hear there's gonna be a new brother on the show. What can you tell us?
Yes, there is. We don't know who that is. They haven't started casting yet. It certainly hasn't been in any of the scripts we've been shooting so far, so I'm just curious.

Do they need to find someone similar-looking to the rest of you?
Yeah, I guess. They've done pretty well so far. We keep joking they just keep bringing in more hot dudes to our show. And we're like OK, we get it, but it hurts us, it hurts us.

Poor thing! Hopefully they will up the hot-girl quota, too?
I keep saying Justin should go back to college and join a sorority [laughs].

And we hear Eric Christian Olsen has just been cast?
Oh, really? I didn't know. I think he's a great actor, and we'd be lucky to have him.

What do you think is going to happen with Justin and Rebecca?
They had that smooch, but they still have a tough path ahead of them. It doesn't mean they're just going to jump into a relationship. They have a lot of stuff to figure out, and they've been through a lot of stuff.

Brothers & Sisters has a lot of life lessons, really...
Yeah, I think there would be a lot more curse words in real life, but you learn a lot, definitely!

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