Emily VanCamp, Dave Annable, Brothers and Sisters


Season three is a go! That's what we've been told, but sources on the set of ABC's addictive drama Brothers & Sisters have even better news: The series pickup for the 2008-09 TV season is for—drumroll, please—24 episodes. Yes, that's the biggest episode order yet for our beloved Walker fam.

Oh, and speaking of that holy "W" moniker, I have a little inside intel on the upcoming storyline that will rock your world (at least it did mine!) when the show returns April 20. But before you read, heed this SPOILER ALERT! And don't read any further if you don't want to know...

From what I hear, producers are most definitely steaming up some kind of love connection between Rebecca "Walker" and Justin "Walker"...So clearly, one of those two gorgeous kids pictured above is actually not biologically linked to William or Nora. And even better? You don't have to wait very long to find out. I'm told the bio line is answered definitively in one of the first three episodes back—and the chemistry can't be missed. All together now: Gaaaaah!

[Bonus: We know these two have real chemistry, since Emily VanCamp (Rebecca) and Dave Annable (Justin) were dating each other in real life until recently.]

From everything else I hear, there will be lots of good juice when B&S returns this season for all the Walkers, including a deep love affair for Nora (yay!), wedding bells for another Walker and a reappearance of William Walker in episode 16.

So set your DVR for April 20, and post your Rebecca/Justin/Nora/William bio-twist theories below...

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