If you are waiting to watch the latest episode of Prison Break, do not read any further and do not watch the video below.

I know, I know...Last night's Prison Break surprise was completely and totally heart-wrenching. And, of course, absolutely disgusting.

I mean, have you ever heard of a primetime series writing off a beloved main character—the series' only remaining female from the original cast—by chopping off her freaking head and putting it in a freaking box?! Whatthefrak?!

I know this twist is disturbing to all of you who were hoping Sara would stick around, so let's group hug, and heck, let's get Wenty, Amaury and Dominic in on the huddle. They're right here with us in spirit, and above, I have their take on Sara Tancredi's gruesome and tragic demise--straight from the show's set in Dallas.

Press play above to see what the Prison Break boys had to say, and then weigh in below with your own reaction. Is it a huge mistake to kill Sara off of the show—or a shocking plot twist worth the sacrifice?
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