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Hey, Tubey-toos! It's good to be back with another dose of Monday fun (after having to skip last week—booo). I missed you! Now let's get dishin', shall we?!

Theo: Any Heroes scoop? Preferably Kristen Bell-related?
I just ran into the Heroes god himself, Mr. Tim Kring, who was downstairs doing a spot for our brother network G4, and he was raving about Miss Bell. Apparently, late last week they had to switch the schedule around at the last minute—and sprung a huge scene on Kristen, in which she has a very lengthy monologue. When they started rehearsing, she didn't know any of it. By the time they shot the scene, she had it down word for word and nailed it so perfectly, the crew was stunned. That’s our girl!

P.S.: As you may have heard, while appearing on G4's Attack of the Show, Tim spilled a little Heroes: Origins news: Superman Returns cowriter Michael Dougherty and Hostel writer-director Eli Roth have each been asked to write an ep!

Soo in Boston: Looking for 30 Rock news if you have any...
As I reported in the Vine show, look for lots more love for Kenneth the Page this season. Are they all girl relationships? Well, probably not, given that Will Arnett is making his triumphant return this season! By the by, I've heard the 30 Rock peeps want Arnett to stick around as long as possible—dare we dream?!—but so far, he's only signed on to one episode. He's very busy being all movie-starry now, but I for one hope we see more of him on the small screen!

Karenna in Lodi, California: The So You Think You Can Dance tour started this weekend!  Have you heard anything?
Yes! We’re hearing they open the show with a new hip-hop number, in which the dancers are pulsating around the stage, and then move on to all our favorite routines, including the Hummingbird, the Angel/Devil, the Vagabond Newspaper dance, Mia Michael’s father-daughter number (which now incorporates all the kids), Dmitry’s Sexy Samba with Lacey and Danny, Dominic and Sabra’s Shane Sparks hip -hop routine, Neil and Sara’s disco, etc.! And the good news is that Shauna, Hok, Jesus and Anya are very much a part of the show. Shauna’s "Ease on Down the Road" dance is even included—she partners with Kameron on it—and Anya has several numbers with Danny and Pasha. Plus, all 14 dancers come together for "Circle of Life" and the dance finale, "You Can't Stop the Beat." Other bonuses? A hilarious blooper reel from the season and a little stand-up comedy from our boy D-Trix! 

Maria in Chicago: Any SYTYCD gossip from the tour? I’m still in withdrawal! Can’t wait till they come to Chi-town!
Let’s see, this is a pretty solid group that doesn’t yield all that much dirt, but we did hear that Sabra had a Janet Jackson-like wardrobe malfunction during the dress rehearsal last week. Yep, the crew was treated to an unexpected sort of show! Also unexpected—and so awesome—is an amazing breaker routine they’ve choreographed for the tour with Sara, Hok and Dominic. Apparently, Sara will be flying all over the place! And in case you were wondering, yes, Lacey and Hok are still very much together, and we’re hearing they're as happy as ever.

Wendy in Chicago: I gotta ask how you felt about Katherine Heigl's snotty behavior at the Emmys. First she doesn't clap when Terry O'Quinn wins (ostensibly pouting because T.R. Knight didn't), then she whines because they mispronounce her name and declares her work as a kid counts because "she worked her ass off." I just don't see why you like this woman, other than the fact that she'll give you face time (which only serves her purpose to let everyone know how fabulous she thinks she is).
Wow. Really? Well, I’ve had the chance to hang out with Katherine and also T.R. Knight on a few occasions (most recently at the HBO Emmy party) and can tell you that in person, I have always found them to be two of the sweetest, most sincere and honest people you could ever dream of meeting in this self-serving town. And this is when the cameras were not rolling, when people’s true colors normally come out. (I could tell you some horror stories!) Katherine and T.R. are also much loved by everyone I've met who works on Grey's. I think perhaps you’ve jumped to an unfair conclusion, Wendy? Just something to consider! (And the rest of you should feel free to sound off in Comments below...Would love to hear what you think.)


Elana in Santa Monica, California: Give us some good Grey’s Anatomy dish!

Yes, ma’am. Here’s what I can tell you about the new season:

  • Izzie’s interns think she’s a bottom-of-the-barrel loser (Denny’s death strikes again)—especially after she brings a deer into the hospital to be saved. (Anybody else remember "The Deer Hunter" episode of Gilmore Girls? Good times. And speaking of Stars Hollow, did you all see my dish in this week's Vine show about the Gilmore guy coming to Grey's?)
  • Callie has a terrible time getting respect from others on the staff who don’t understand why she was made chief resident, especially over Bailey.
  • As I mentioned in last week's Vine show, Meredith and Derek are officially broken up as of the first episode—but if you've seen those elevator promos, you know there is still hope!

Gina in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan: Any Grey’s gossip?
We’re told producers are looking for a big-name star for a recurring role on the show to begin around November. She’ll be in her early 30s, sweet, strong and the sort of girl who would catch the eye of a certain regular character...Any casting ideas? Ahem (Kristin Dos Santos), ahem?

Noah in New York: Who won the Emmy Prediction Smackdown? Do we get the scoop?
We were impressively in synch, but if my calculations are correct, I won by one, thanks to Ms. Heigl's win. (Woo!) However, since it was so darn close, I will go ahead and tell you who says "I love you, too." It is George. And it is not to Callie. I know. Gaaah!

Janice in Kentucky: Is Earl really going to be in prison this season on My Name Is Earl?
Yep. He really is. I just saw the season premiere, and it really is a whole different vibe for the show. To be totally honest, I’m not sure I’m totally digging it as much as the first two seasons, but I do love the interaction between Randy and Joy—Randy ends up moving in with Joy and Crab Man, and she whips him into shape with some tough love.

Kaley in Los Angeles: I’m so glad Jaime Pressly won the Emmy!  Any Earl info for me?
I just heard about something on Earl’s list and I laughed out loud, which probably makes me a bad person. This year he’ll make amends with a stripper whom he seriously injured when he pointed a laser in her eye mid-pole dance. She ended up in a back brace. No bueno.

Gellin in San Francisco: On Heroes, are both Petrelli boys going to survive? What about D.L.?
I don’t think it’s a huge secret that both Adrian Pasdar and Milo Ventimiglia are still series regulars this season. (One will be depressed; the other will be...let’s just say absent-minded.) As for Leonard Roberts, unfortunately, it’s not looking good; however, I don’t think it has been 100 percent decided. So, sound off with your Leonard/D.L. love in the Comments...Maybe our support can save him!

Helena in Oxford, England: Can you tell me anything about Heroes season two?
Ran into Jimmy Jean-Louis (the Haitian) at the Emmys, and he told me that his character returns in the second episode. According to Jimmy: "He will connect with some other people. He's very much with Mr. Bennet still, but he is going to be working with some others, including a doctor. And he speaks a little bit more, but he still has his powers. Actually his powers are getting stronger."

Frankie in New York: Give me some dish on Ugly Betty! Why is Amanda fat?
Check out my latest E! News segment here in the right-hand column. Yep, both Amanda (Becki Newton) on Ugly Betty and Jenna (Jane Krakowski) on 30 Rock will be sporting fat suits this season. Amanda develops a candy addiction out of stress from finding out her mother is Fey Sommers (and who her daddy is could be an even bigger shock!). Jenna gains weight from having spent the summer doing a musical version of Mystic Pizza. Silly good fun.

Eileen in Houston: Does someone die in the first episode of Ugly Betty?
Yes. Well, sorta...And honestly, I think it's the saddest moment that has ever gone down in Betty-land. I was sobbing out loud.

Maureen in Brisbane, Australia: Is there any hope for Betty and Henry?
And how! Don’t think that pregnant trollop in Arizona is the end of them! Henry’s far too cute to keep away for long. Chris Gorham (Henry) tells me, "Picking one thing I've enjoyed doing this season is incredibly difficult. I've been incredibly drunk this season, which has been pretty funny. I'm in my underwear this season, which is always funny. There are a few to choose from." As for the couple? "Henry and Betty have got it going on right now." Woo!

Jane in Pittsburgh: Hey, any more dish on 30 Rock? I've been catching up, and I'm a little in love!
Well, so is Cerie! Katrina Bowden tells me Cerie is still engaged to her Greek shipping heir, and this season Tina Fey's character, Liz Lemon, gets involved with helping Cerie plan the wedding. In fact, she's going to be a freaking bridesmaid! Pretty funny. And we'll also see Liz in a dress in the season premiere. According to Katrina, "Tina gets involved with me and dress shopping and party planning and all that stuff." Plus, look for Cerie's extended family (from Holland no less!) to stop by this year.

Karl in Canton, Ohio: I can't believe Carlos Bernard is coming back to 24! Any info on the new season?
I know! And Tony will be front and center this season! Also, I spoke to new castmember Annie Wersching recently, and she spilled a little scoop: “I play agent Renee Walker. I’m heading up an investigation in D.C.—where the show takes place this year—and we bring Jack Bauer in to help us. Most of my scenes are with Kiefer. It’s been a good week, running around shooting guns. Very exciting." Annie told me she’s a huge fan of the show. She’s seen every episode since season one, so of course, she’s superpsyched to have landed this part.

Smita in Bedford, Indiana: House! House! House!
Olivia Wilde’s character is keeping something from us! While we find out in the second episode that another job candidate has a potentially fireable secret, Olivia swears to me her character’s secret is “bigger, way bigger!” So, what do you think? Is she an illegal organ harvester by night? House’s illegitimate love child?

 Mike in Decatur, Georgia: I know I'm a dude and shouldn't be into Brothers & Sisters, but I am! Any scoop?
Ain’t no shame in that, my friend. I caught up with Dave Annable recently, and here’s what he told me about Justin’s return from the war: “He has an injury that’s he’s going to be trying to get over, and a wheelchair is definitely involved in that. I’m hoping for some lighter stuff down the line, but it’s a really important story to tell, a returning vet, obviously stuff we are dealing with now, so it’s pretty exciting to tell that story.”

Anything on Prison Break?
The Aussie living in the sewer will get out in the next episode, and he's pretty hot! William Fichtner will be after him—big time—but so will Michael, and as we know, cuteness normally prevails on the good ol' telly. BTW, how cute is Wenty in the latest Vine show? I just adore him.

Perry in Albany, New York: Bones begins mañana!
Yes, I’ve seen the season premiere and it’s good. This season’s serial killer storyline kicks off in the first episode. As for Booth and Bones, things are a bit awkward with them (they’re not up to their “symbiotic potential,” according to Booth). The good news? There is an absolutely swoon-worthy final scene that makes up for any uncomfortable tension between the Dynamic Duo.

 Bari in Butte, Montana: Bones, please.
Eric Millegan has this to say: "We just shot our sixth episode of the third season, which, if you do the math, is the 50th of our entire series! It’s crazy. My character went to Iraq at the end of last season, and [now] he’s back. I was sent back early, and we deal with why that happened when the show returns.”

Britt in Pittsburgh: Awesome job at the Emmys! I'm emailing you because there's much hoopla on the boards about one of my fave actors: the J-Pad or, as he's better known to many, Jared Padalecki. Can you please find out if J-Pad got engaged to Sandy McCoy, his longtime girlfriend, this summer? A confirmation needs to be given so many of us can sleep at night!
Never fear, Britt. I'm happy to report that we checked with his peeps and they assure us the J-Pad is still checkin' the single box on all official documents. They are not—I repeat, not—engaged. Sweet dreams! (And P.S.: Thank you for the compliment! I had a blast.)

Sarah in Anacortes, Washington: I’m excited Nip/Tuck’s return is right around the corner!  Any more news on Rosie’s storyline?
I’m hearing Dawn Budge will be run over by a "dyke on a bike"—the writer’s words, not mine!—at the Los Angles Gay Pride Parade, which prompts Ms. Budge to bring a serious lawsuit against the poor lady. We’ll see where that goes. In McNamara/Troy-land, Sean and Christian will hire a new (and cosmetically improved) receptionist this season. Unfortunately, I’m hearing the boys won’t keep her around too long, since her overwhelming sexual appetite will prove a bit too distracting for them. Shocking, no?
Katie in Red Bank, New Jersey: I miss Men in Trees!  Any scoop on the new season?
They’re adding a new kid to the cast. More specifically, a 21-year-old Russian hockey player. Here’s hoping he’s a hottie!
Candace from San Diego: Men in Trees?
Jane’s parents, who happen to be little people, will be making an appearance this season.

Brooke in Los Angeles: Anything on The Office?
I talked to B.J. Novak himself on the Emmys red carpet about his burgeoning beard, and he spilled lots about Ryan's future, saying, "[The beard] is a sign of Ryan's wannabe maturity, his would-be transformation. Ryan sees himself as completely changed, and he wants to send a message. His clothes are completely different, and his facial hair is different. I narrowly avoided a pencil-thin goatee. At the last minute the other writers decided I could just grow scruff and call it a day. I wrote into my episode that [writer-actor] Mike Schur, who plays Mose, had to wear a horrible neck beard, which he grew for three months. And then he wrote into his episode that I had this awful goatee. And we experimented with a fake beard, actually, but I avoided that fate..."

Denise in Chicago: Greg Daniels said that Michael Scott's hard to manage and that'll be one of Ryan's big struggles this year. What's the deal with that? Will Michael be cleaning out the back of Ryan's car?
I asked B.J. just that! He told me, "I do ask him to get me a cold water, in the first couple of episodes." And how does he take that? Well, according to B.J., "Michael has incredible powers of self-delusion and incredible powers of idealization, so he takes that as a sign that Ryan is his friend who wants to treat him like a host. I mean, it's a comedy show, and that relationship is very complicated. Michael still thinks Ryan is his best friend and his protégé—his partner in crime."

Elijah in Philadelphia: The Office!
On the red carpet, I asked Phyllis Smith how Phyllis Vance was going to keep in touch with BFF Karen if she was gone from Scranton, and she said, "I guess we’ll have to blog on the computer with her...Next time I need to go to the beauty parlor, I’m certainly going to call her, because we made a fabulous pair together." I also asked Phyllis how she does in the already infamous Fun Run, and she said, "I'm a pretty good contender. I have to let you know that."

Jerry in McAllen, Texas: Just thought I'd let you know that Friday Night Lights is filming in Brownsville, Texas, today and they're requesting Hispanic men and women over 30 to be extras. They are filming in downtown Brownsville and are apparently re-creating the look of a border town.
Just thought I'd let you know I love you. Also, I just saw the season premiere and it's phenomenal! There's a baby, a near hookup (a long-awaited one!) and a death. Lots of drama! So, so good!

Marisa: Did you know the entire season premiere of Friday Night Lights is online?
Hold on a second. I'm watching the entire season premiere of Friday Night Lights online.

David from Huntington Beach, California: Any scoop on Smallville?
When Lana returns to Smallville, she will be making the Kent farm her permanent residence.  

Trisha from Seattle: Give me some Clana scoop!
Look for some good Clana kissing soon after Clark finds out Lana is alive. Also, look for a little Lana jealousy to rear its ugly head around episode five, when Clark becomes friendly with a beautiful actress.

Deb in Daytona Beach, Florida: I was wondering what is happening on NCIS this season?
I talked to Mark Harmon at the Emmys, and in addition to making my knees a little weak, he told me: "Things are going very smoothly, and we just passed our 100th episode! And if last year was the year of secrets, this year is the year of answers. And that's good. And that's not a tease—in parts of last year, there were a lot more questions than there were answers. This year, some of those answers are going to get answered, and answered quickly. I think the other part of it is that we've done a good job with scripts and being prepared in advance, and that's helped everyone. We've gotten leaner and meaner and faster and stronger."

Jackie in Mount Sinai, New York: Need some CSI: Miami scoop...
I ran into the gorgeous and very sweet Eva LaRue at the Emmys, and she said, "There's still drama. I think this season shows more of the personal sides of the characters. And there's the whole familial thing with David Caruso; it just came out that he has a son. And I think my character might accidentally do something effed up." Whoa! Is Natalia getting knocked up?! "No. No. Well, I don't know, but that was not what they told me."

Mattie in Hoover, Alabama: Any Las Vegas news?
Vanessa Marcil hints that something may be brewing between Sam and the new casino owner, played by Tom Selleck. “There’s weird sexual tension between the characters. There have been some interesting scenes we’ve shot!” Still, she says, things have been really different on the set since James Caan and Nikki Cox left. Vanessa misses them and told me she's convinced James Caan is the reason Las Vegas stayed on the air all this time.

Mary in Madison, Alabama: Dexter is the best show on TV. Please report more on it!
Aye, aye! In the season premiere, Doakes has made good on his threat to keep on eye on Dexter, so Dexter responds by joining a bowling team. When he finally manages to escape from Doakes’ watch, Dexter has some, uh, performance anxiety relating to his murder of Rudy. He’s clearly off his game, and his inability to kill his second intended victim has consequences that go further than he could have imagined.

Okay, loves, that's all the time we have for today. Thanks so much for reading and asking all the great Q's! Feel free to keep on sending 'em to

—Additional reporting by Korbi Ghosh, Jennifer Godwin, Marisa Roffman, Michael Berner and Harper Adams

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