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Hemingsly in Kansas City: Please tell me Ugly Betty will be just as good this season! I'm concerned because I've been hearing that Chris Gorham won't be sticking around this season and the storylines aren't as good. 
Not sure where you're getting your info, but I couldn't agree with it less! I just watched the first two episodes and nearly died at how out-of-this-world they are. The season premiere is laugh-out-loud funny and highly entertaining (a telenovela spoof, another big surprise regarding Amanda's family, etc.) and will also take your breath away with a tragic twist that personally made me burst out crying. As for Chris Gorham, I'm told he is still a series regular and will be seen throughout the season—maybe in Tucson, maybe not! Regardless, I'm more in love with this show than ever.(P.S.: I've also seen the season premiere of Desperate Housewives, and Nathan Fillion and Dana Delany absolutely bring new life to the show. If you've drifted away from Wisteria Lane, you must come back!)

Kalie in Marina Del Rey, California: I can’t wait for Brothers & Sisters to come back! By the way, do you know if Emily VanCamp and Dave Annable are still dating in real life?
A good friend spotted them in a Jacuzzi together at the Bacara resort just outside Santa Barbara over Labor Day weekend, so I’m thinking yes...Unless they’ve taken up a new career cleaning Jacuzzis together?

Marisa from Narragansett, Rhode Island: I have heard buzz about a Veronica Mars movie. Is this true?! Will Veronica Mars fans get to have an actual ending to the show in form of a movie?

I hope so! I just checked in with the always wonderful Rob Thomas (man in charge of all things Veronica), and this is what he told me: "No news on a VM movie. I'm not working on it. I need to keep paying the rent for now. I've got several irons in the fire on the TV development front. I may have some big news before too long, but I can't jinx it quite yet." The good news is that while we wait for Veronica to hit the big screen (she must, she must, she must!), we can see Kristen Bell on Heroes (you’re gonna love her role—trust me!) and R.T.’s talents as a consulting producer on ABC’s Big Shots (if anyone can save that show, it’s him).  

Casey in Buffalo, New York: Now that Ryan "Seacrest out" Seacrest is hosting the Emmys, is there any chance that E! will let you interview on the red carpet? You know a lot more about the actors and the TV shows they are on than a lot of the other people. Please?!
Just for you, Casey! Looks like I will be on the red carpet this year during Live from the Red Carpet (not just the Countdown), because our boy Seacrest will be inside preparing to host the show. Should we work out some sort of secret signal so I can say hi to you all? Tug my ear? Hold up four fingers? Rub my left arm? Steal second? Steal John Krasinski? Post your ideas/requests in the Comments section!

Kitty in Avalon, California: Any Emmys buzz?
Check out every little thing you ever wanted to know about the Emmys—including my predictions for winners—in E! Online's brand-new Red Carpet blog. Tons of stuff in there, including Jen's report from the Creative Arts Emmys on Saturday. FYI, all our Emmy coverage will appear in that section, so go there on Sunday. By the way, a little bit of additional awesomeness from Andy Samberg that didn't make it into that item: She asked him what he and his pals were going to do with their Emmys, should they win, and he said, "Oh, probably make them fight or make them 69 or something." That Samberg kid rules! 

Francesca of Newark, New Jersey: I'm most excited about Pushing Daisies this fall! When will we get your picks for what to watch?
Starting next Monday, I’ll be rolling out all the shows (one network per day), so don’t worry, I’ve got you covered, tuberino! In the meantime, Daisies is most definitely worth getting excited about. The show already has a fan website, where you can get your first exclusive sneak peek at Paul Reubens' Alfredo Aldarisio, a "traveling homeopathic antidepressant representative/salesman." Pee-wee is dead sexy!

Marvin in Orlando: What are the best new fall shows?
We'll be dishing on what to watch, what to TiVo and what to skip when we begin posting our series reviews next Monday. Also not to be missed: Our very own Jennifer Godwin penned USA Weekend's fall TV preview cover story, and she's got the word from five other critics on the best and worst of the season, plus some quality time with Zachary Levi. Check it out in papers nationwide on Sun., Sept. 23!

Cate in Asheville, North Carolina: I'm still missing So You Think You Can Dance. Think I need to seek therapy?
Yes, along with Korbi and Jen, whom I'm really starting to worry about...The good news is we've got a little info that might ease your pain: Season-two winner Benji Schwimmer and his cousin Heidi Groskreutz are costarring in a movie about West Coast swing, which is currently filming! Amy Smart is the star, plus Caroline Rhea and Maulik Pancholy (Sanjay from Weeds) are also on the roster! Woohoo! BTW, we caught up with Nigel Lythgoe recently, and he talked about additions to the show next season: "[We'd love to have] Susan Stroman. She's an outstanding choreographer, and I'd love to get some classical choreographers on the show. If you can do contemporary, you can do classical!" 

Joe in Nevada: What about 30 Rock?
I hear lots of good things about the upcoming season, but if you want to go make sweet kissy faces about it you should check out the Cool Stuff column, where they profess some strong feelings about the show (um, excuse me...I’m the TV Diva, people!). Anyway, check it out and tell them what you think.

Amber in Los Angeles: Can you help me understand what is up? Both Moonlight and Life Is Wild are showcasing different actors in the previews than on their Websites. I'm so confused!
Both shows were massively recast after they shot the pilot, so you're seeing the difference between the pilots and the episodes shot after the pilot was picked up. The good news is that Moonlight's new cast includes Jason Dohring (and Shannyn Sossamon!), and the new Life Is Wild mom is Stephanie Niznik from Everwood!


Rachel in Taylorsville, North Carolina: I heard a rumor that George will be one of Meredith's interns on Grey's Anatomy. Can you confirm that?
Yes. And Lexie (Meredith’s sister) is one of Cristina’s. I’m also hearing that Cristina ends up going on her honeymoon anyway, without Burke—and takes a very special friend with her. (I’ll give you one guess.) 

Reba in Atlanta: Will Prison Break be any good this year?
And how. It will be totally different than what you've seen in the past. The tone of the show has completely altered, and I'll be telling you more about that very soon. (Here's a hint: It's diiirrrty, just the way we like our Wentworth!) Oh, and speaking of, I'll be interviewing Wentworth this Friday, so if you have any questions for him, feel free to email them to me at

Laura in Monroe, Louisiana: Does my eye spy my beloved Peter on Heroes dirty, naked and chained up in the new promos? What's going on with that? Besides the dirty thoughts in my head.
Mmm...dirty, naked, chained...Hot boy...Mmm...What, sorry? Did you ask a question? For some reason I was thinking of Matt Damon in The Bourne Identity. Well, that was weird!

Holly in Chicago: When does Heroes premiere, and can you tell me anything Masi Oka related? I love him.
Who doesn't love them some Masi?! I'm hearing that around episode eight or nine, we meet past Hiro (at the tender age of a single digit, most likely)! The show premieres Sept. 24. Please consult our handy-dandy guide for all the fall premiere dates!

Stephanie in West Chester, Ohio: I need some Jam news with my toast.
I’m hearing lots of cutie-patootieness for Jim and Pam in the new season. You better stock up on bread and peanut butter, or all that Jam will go lonely! 

Gregory in Escondido, California: Any word on the new season of Desperate Housewives? Is Edie really dead?
Nicollette Sheridan is most definitely on the show when it returns—for the whole season! But Edie does come much closer to death than she thought she would and, of course, that throws a slight wrench into Mike and Susan’s togetherness. Still, I’m hearing the plot will flash forward a month and—get this—Mike and Susan are together and happy! Wait, are those pigs I see flying over an Arctic Hades? 

Robert in Temecula, California: Is Dirt coming back to FX?
It sure is. In fact, they start filming the second season very soon, and I’m hearing there are quite a few new characters joining the cast. Apparently, a gal named Sharlee Cates and her hubby are the new Holt McLaren and Julia Mallory. Their story, which’ll be on the cover of several Dirt Nows, resembles the Britney/K-Fed saga quite a bit. There's also a new Lucy-like nemesis for Ms. Spiller—who’ll still be recovering from her near fatal knife wounds—not to mention a new, hot shot reporter at Dirt who has a thing for Willa! 

Kelly in Philadelphia: Anything good coming up for Shawn and Juliet on Psych?
Oh, let's see, let's see. Where could we find such information? Oh, how about completely kickass Psych creator Steve Franks? Yes, he'll do nicely, and he tells us, "On our season finale, 'Bounty Hunters,' airing Sept. 14, Shawn solves a case that atones for a rookie mistake that Juliet makes, and we end on them doing some very 'close talking.' And by very close talking, I mean their lips literally touching, all backed by a great romantic Bloc Party song called 'So Here We Are.' It's spectacular. On the relationship front, it's going to take Shawn a long time to convince a girl like Juliet that he's worthy of her, although there seem to be some pent-up feelings in our one-off Christmas episode (which airs in November, naturally)." Squeee! By the way, if you haven't yet, watch this past Friday's ep, wherein Juliet and Shawn go undercover as a married couple looking for a nanny. Juliet's plans for their imaginary baby—"sage and raspberry"-themed nursery and all—are frickin' hilarious.

Kelly in Prague, Czech Republic: Can you tell me if James Roday from Psych is as cool as his character? I'd hate to think he's a jerk, so I'm hoping you can comment. Thanks!
He's even cooler than his character. And just the nicest guy. Consider your fears allayed. 

Marianna in Philadelphia: Any Supernatural scoop?
I'm looking forward to a hilarious upcoming ep in which Sam gets propositioned by a 70-year-old. Apparently, some old Gertrude's got a thing for young ghost hunters.

Mel in Beverly Hills, Michigan: Bones! Bones! Bones!
I'm hearing a bad guy from Booth and Brennan's past returns to the show sometime soon. There's also an episode about fetishes in the works. Naughty!  

Kathryn in Springfield, New Jersey: I'm so happy October Road is returning! Can you tell me anything?
Yes, they're going all Lost on us this year. Well, not exactly. But I am hearing there will be more than a few flashbacks during the season, including one in which we meet Nick Garrett's late mother, Caroline. 

Jeff from Healdsburg, California: Brothers & Sisters scoop?
After going through a rough separation and a custody battle, Sarah and Joe try to reconcile and have another go at a relationship. I'm also hearing Sarah thinks she is pregnant with Joe's baby, but unfortunately, complications occur. 

Alyssa in Singapore: Anything on the frakkin' awesome Battlestar Galactica?
We caught up with show runner Ronald D. Moore at the Creative Arts Emmys and he told us, "At the moment we're on a shooting hiatus. When we come back we'll be on episode six." (If you don't count "Razor" as two.) "And Katee's off doing Bionic Woman right now, so I hope she's well rested by the time we get back. And it's senior-year mode up there in Vancouver. Everyone gets misty-eyed, awww…It's the last third day of prep on episode four." As for future storylines, we asked about Adama/Roslin. Is there any hope? "Yes! There is hope for Adama and Roslin, and you'll see a lot of that relationship this year." 

Penelope in Santa Rosa, California: Any word on Private Practice? I've been crazy about Tim Daly since Wings, and I think he might finally have a pilot that sticks.
We caught up with Tim at the Creative Arts Emmys, where he spilled this about his character's relationship with Dr. Addison: "So far, it's a lot of fire and a lot of water and a lot of smoke...So far, [the show itself] is going so well it's making me suspicious. [I keep asking myself] what's going on? What's wrong with this!" Ah, he's superstitious, just like us!

Roland in Denver: Mad Men!
We caught up with the awesome Michael Gladis (Paul Kinsey) and Mad Men costume designer Janie Bryant at the Creative Arts Emmys, and they chatted at length about the show. In particular, we pried into Michael's brain about Paul's future. He said, "Well, let's see, I smoke a pipe...Peggy and I did have a smooch in the second episode, but she turned me down because I think she's still enamored with Pete." Could Paul be holding a torch? "Could be. But there were clues in the pilot about a possible romance for Paul. It was very quick." Oh, darn...we'll have to watch more Mad Men to investigate the mystery!

Sarah in San Jose, California: Anything on the My Boys finale? I can't believe this season is already over. Is it coming back anytime soon?
In the finale, the gang goes to the top of the Sears Tower as part of an expedition around their own hometown of Chicago before P.J. goes off on her Roman holiday. Kenny doesn't cope so well...And yes, as we reported this morning, it's coming back! No return date yet, but we'll let you know because, after seeing the last scene, we are dying to find out what happens next!

Kim in Lincoln, Nebraska: I can't wait for the finale of The Closer. Any news?
I've seen it, and it's fantastic. The team is in fine form, Brenda lays the smack down on a bitchy district attorney, there's a whiff of Weeds, and there's a big Brenda-Fritz confrontation that has been a long time coming.

Catherine in Ft. Lewis, Washington: Anything on HIMYM?
Brace yourselves from episode five, which is called "How I Met Everyone Else." It's flashbacklicious, as we see how Ted met crazy Ellen (his new gal), how Marshall and Lily first met, how Ted met Marshall, etc.

'Kay, kiddos, that's all she wrote today! Thanks so much for being here. Please check back all week long for more fall TV and Emmy coverage.

Happy tubing!


—Additional reporting by Korbi Ghosh, Michael Berner and Jennifer Godwin

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