Adrian Pasdar, Masi Oka

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Warning: The following news is not pretty, and it's not for the faint of heart.

I've just heard word that a reliable source has spotted Adrian Pasdar on the Heroes set with—I hope you're sitting down for this—massive burn marks all over his face.

Thankfully, the burn marks are not real and have been applied via makeup, but the bad news is it's all part of some sort of new look for his character for the upcoming second season. (Most likely the remnants of Peter and Nathan going boom over the city in the season finale, one can suppose, though I honestly don't know.)

I think I speak for fans everywhere when I say I am offended, disgusted and appalled. Do the higher-ups at NBC and show runner Tim Kring not know that nastying up Pasdar's gorgeous, chiseled face is akin to throwing bat dooky on Michelangelo's David? Do they not know this is a Heroic sacrilege of epic proportions that shan't soon be forgotten by the fans? Are we really expected to watch the best show on television without dreaming of Hiro's hot biscuit of a "flying man" whisking us away for a gravity-defying rendezvous?

Hmmm...or could it be possible that this too-damn-good show has thought of something so insanely brilliant for Pasdar's character, Nathan, in the second season that it is worth defiling the face of one of TV's hottest men?


I'll give you more scoop on Heroes in Monday's chat, including how a certain someone you know (me!) might be reuniting onscreen with a famous person mentioned above. (Hint: It's not Michelangelo.)

In the meantime, tell me what you think of NBC's hideous crime in the Comments section below.

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