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Good morning tubers! K&J here while Kristin sails off to foreign lands with her honey for their moon. We might have wedding pics for you soon—hold tight! In the meantime, we have another batch of news bits for you. Dig in:

So You Think You Can Dish:  We've got a little Dance scoop. Apparently this week's performer is Enrique Iglesias, and the guest judge is genius Wade Robson. The standout dances to look for this week are Sabra and Dominic's jive and Danny and Anya's fox-trot. Have you chosen a front-runner? Because we're stumped! Oh, by the way, speaking of potential front-runners, Ms. Lacey was seen holding Hok's hand, meeting his family and then going back to hold his hand again. Longtime friendship? Something more?

Steve Carell

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Romancing the Steve:  All you online fans of The Office should know that you don't need to shout, because your voice is heard. We asked show runner Greg Daniels if he keeps up with the boards, and he said, "It influences our storylines a little bit, in that I love how passionate they are. And Jenna's—Pam's—arc from last season of growing in confidence, was sort of because people were saying she didn't deserve him yet. But a lot of time the online people who are so into the romance, they won't even mention Steve [Carell]! They'll talk about the romance, and they won't even mention Steve, and I'm like, for God's sake! He's brilliant, he's carrying the A-plot, and you're not even mentioning him! Just anecdotally speaking, just walking around, they appreciate Steve and some of the comedy plots as well as the romance, so I think you have to take it with a grain of salt."

Papa Doc?  In addition to all the new interns running around Seattle Grace this fall, we're hearing Shonda Rhimes plans to bring a slightly more mature physician into the Grey's Anatomy mix as well. Producers are currently looking for a male doc around the age of 60 to play a recurring role.

Se Habla Forensics:  We're told the powers that be at CSI are hoping to bring a Spanish-speaking actress on board this season. Her exact role is a mystery as of now, but we do know they're looking for someone with telenovela experience.

Friday Night Lights: Zach Gilford, Aimee Teegarden

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Panthers vs. Cougars?  Finally some scoop on the upcoming season of Friday Night Lights! Matt Saracen gets some help taking care of his dear grandma at last. An at-home caregiver named Carlotta is about to get the job. But she's twentysomething and could be kinda cute, so who knows? Julie Taylor may have a thing or two to worry about—especially since plans for her family's departure from Dillon seem to be moving forward. I'm hearing a man by the name of Coach MacGregor has been hired by the Panthers to take over for Coach T...

Big (and Powerful) Easy:  We're hearing that episode four of Heroes this season may be set in New Orleans.

Procreative:  Is Dean Winchester a baby daddy? Rumors are circulating that Jensen Ackles' Supernatural character could have a kid, as he'll soon be meeting the eight-year-old son of a woman he had a fling with roughly nine years ago.

Tim Gunn

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Seams Like Old Times:  Everyone has been wondering what's going on with the new season of Project Runway, and we're happy to report the show just wrapped the fourth season last week. Tim Gunn reveals to us, "I can tell you this with affording impunity: It is the most talented group of designers [yet], in terms of point of view and execution."

The Bald and the Beautiful:  Look for Lex Luthor on Smallville to be saved by a mysterious blonde (hmmm...wonder who it could be?) in the season premiere. Lex takes an interest in finding the fair-haired heroine, along with someone else who might be dead.

Say Uncle:  Leave it up to Weeds to keep things interesting. Uncle Andy not only has to deal with being in the army this season, but he also somehow gets mixed up in something involving both porn and a bellhop outfit. Yes, that baffles us, too.

Tori Spelling

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Spywitness Report:  Whaddya know, Ausiello really does drink Diet Raspberry Snapple. Seen it with our own eyes. Also overheard yesterday at the Beverly Hilton bar, while sitting behind 90210 alumna Kathleen Robertson and her pals, "Tori used to love going to Trader Vic's after partying all night, before she went back to the mansion." Just a little Spellingtastic nonsense for ya...

Fumble Recovery:  During an NFL panel, NBC sports chief Dick Ebersol said he regrets that the network promoted Friday Night Lights during football games last fall; he thinks it may have hurt the show overall because people came to think it was only about football. Ebersol called it "the best show on television right now." Listen to the man: best show on TV, still not about football. What more could you want?

Chicago Hope-Less?  As heard at the Life panel: Reporter: "Adam [Arkin], are you shocked that Mandy Patinkin quit a successful TV show?" Arkin: " He’s done it before."

Studio 60 Postmortem:  Patrick Goldstein of the L.A. Times has the first sit-down with Aaron Sorkin since the series finale of Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip.

—Additional reporting by Michael Berner


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