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Hey, tubers! We have much to discuss on our favorite shows, thanks to all your groovy Q's. You ready? Thought so! So, let's dish...

Imma in Ohio: What's happening on the best show in the world, Ugly Betty?
Hot Betty on Betty action! Well, sorta. One of the inspirations for our America[n] Betty, Miss Angélica Vale of the Mexican telenovela La Fea Más Bella, guest stars in the May 17 season finale, playing the assistant of Betty's orthodontic technician (Kristin Chenowith, who is apparently hilarious in the ep). I'm told that getting Angélica here was pretty much a nightmare (they ran into major immigration problems, and she ultimately was only cleared for a very short stay). And when Angélica arrived, it turned out she had lost her Bettylicious getup (wig, specs, etc.) on the way up from Mexico, so Betty's production peeps had to frantically search for replacements. Still, as you can see from the pic above, it all came together and the doppelgeeker action is fantastic, along with the rest of the season finale, from what I hear. (And it includes a death I'll tell you about in the spoiler section below!)

John in Kansas City, Missouri: Are you watching the Race? Danny and Oswald should’ve won!
I actually spoke to them this morning, and they’re on to a new project: pitching The Amazing Race: Celebrity Edition to CBS! Oswald intends to run it with Sarah Jessica Parker, while Danny hopes to compete alongside J.Lo! Those guys are hilarious. They said if that doesn’t work out, Danny will become an actor and have his own show called One Trick a Night on the Logo network. Says Oswald, “It won’t be about magic tricks.” Ha!

Jameson in Miami: Any word on the House finale?
Season one's finale had a big character reveal (the explanation of House's limp), but don't expect anything similarly drastic for House in this season's finale. Creator David Shore divulges, "It's something much more subtle, but hopefully equally interesting. We're not going to learn who House's mom was or who his dad was, but we're going to learn a little bit more about who he is." Executive producer Katie Jacobs chimes in: "[It explores] the toll the last three years have taken on them as a whole, as a unit." 

Jenny in Toronto: I am absolutely dying to know when Dexter is coming back! Please tell me you know and you have some season two scoop! Thanks!
Showtime now says season two of our darling Dexter starts in October. Production on season two begins in late May, and when I last spoke with Julie Benz about the show, she told me, "All I know is I have to deal with the implications of the shoe!" (You do remember the shoe of her ex-hubby, who was framed for parole violations by Dex, right?) And Lauren Vélez told me her detective character, who got demoted at the end of season one, should not be counted out. "I don't think she's gonna spend too much time crawling up. I think she's just gonna get up."

Melody in Cleveland: Can you give us a list of finale dates so we know what is happening in May?
I could, but then you would miss out on the awesomeness that is Joal Ryan's handy-dandy guide to May sweeps in our News section!

Cherri in Dallas: How is that new show Notes from the Underbelly doing? I had a baby three months ago, and it's so true! My husband and I laugh so hard every time we watch it.
A friend who writes for the show tells me they haven't heard any word about a pickup yet, so hang tight for the upfronts (in mid-May), when the official word will be handed down.

Anna in Ocean Springs, Mississippi: I was just wondering when/if the episode of Bones that got bumped last week will ever air? Any word?
I checked on this for you, and according to the studio, nothing's been decided yet about the Bones episode "Player Under Pressure." Sources tell me, "Obviously, it was done out of sensitivity to Virginia Tech. We don't know yet about rescheduling—at this point nothing's been decided." As soon as I know, you'll know!

(Don't read if you don't want to know!)

Georgette in New Orleans: Any scoop on Ugly Betty?
And how! I just heard someone is going to die in the finale, and it is someone who is a part of Betty's family. Get ready to weep! Still, the good news is that in proper soap-tastic fashion, the writers have left a loophole through which they can bring this person back if he or she ultimately decides to return. And based on recent developments, my sense is he or she will want to. (I'll bet you can figure it out from that, you smarty-pants! Feel free to post your theories in the Comments section below.)

Paul in San Francisco: Any news on the Office finale?
I'm hearing you Jam fans will be pleased! Yayaaay! (Pam's gotta keep him away from that Renée Zellweger, who our man's been seen with, right? Tee-hee. Just kidding, R.Z. But seriously, hands of MFH.)

Amanda: Regarding the Lost deaths...I know you can't reveal the victims, but should I buy Depends, or will a low-count box of tissues suffice (i.e., how devastated and/or surprised will I be)?
Definitely splurge on the adult diapers. I'm wearing five right now just in anticipation of how totally and completely freaked out most of you fans will be. I know you've already heard that five die, but I can tell you it's not so much the number, but the who.

Phil in Toronto: Heroes! I need more info on Heroes!
Tonight is the alternate-universe episode, in which we see how everything could go horribly wrong if our team doesn't save the world in time. Greg Grunberg tells me the ep (in which we learn he's the Homeland Security Director of the future!) is "really scary" and we see his son has powers of his own. Clearly, there is a big ol' genetic link between the Heroes and their parents. I can't wait for the retro ep telling us how all the parents got their powers, which is surely coming.

Anna: What do you know about the second-season storyline for the Petrelli brothers (Nathan and Peter)? I really like both of them, and I hope they'll stay around.
Nathan's fate and future is in question come season's end. I asked Rena Sofer (Heidi Petrelli) if she'd be back, and she nodded in the direction of her onscreen hubby and said, "If he's back, I'll be back." And when I asked Adrian Pasdar himself if we might get a glimpse of Nathan's two sons by Heidi in season two, he told me, "Um, what can I tell you? There's a little bit of perhaps a separation between my ability to see them and, uh...I can't really say too much." (Uh, if you know what this means, you may be a Hero yourself.) 

Jana in Phoenix: Give us a good spoiler on Heroes! None of this watered-down stuff!
Okay, here's a straight-up shot that you might need to chase with a lemon: Linderman is going to heal Nathan's wife (Rena Sofer in a wheelchair)! See, he can do good.

Michael in Los Angeles: Is Joy going to give birth this season in the finale of Earl?
No, but let me tell you, that finale is gonna break your heart! The cliffhanger is pretty insane and leaves Earl in a very dark place. Probably the best season finale I've seen so far.

Karina in Vernon, Colorado: Entourage!
Don’t get too comfy with Amanda, even though it seems as though Vince is in to her. Ari’s about to make his move and swoop Vinnie right out from under her. Er, figuratively speaking.

Renee in Concord, North Carolina: I’m dying to know how The Sopranos ends.  I can't believe it's only weeks away. Can you tell us anything about what to expect?
Expect more pouting from A.J., poor guy. Also, major, major, maaajor Christopher stuff coming up (that  may have something to do with something I teased earlier).  I also hear we’re going to meet his baby girl soon. Plus, there's some in-fighting, as well as the beef between New Jersey and New York coming to a head. 

Vicky in Buenos Aires, Argentina: I'm a big fan of House! Do you have any scoop for us?
Despite the cast's admirable efforts on behalf of the mentally ill in the real world (check out last week's House item for more info about, Dr. Gregory House isn't going to be straightening himself out anytime soon. When asked just how sick his character is, mentally, emotionally and physically, Hugh Laurie declares that House is "a seven," but as House creator David Shore quips about possible House rehab and recovery, "It would be great for him, bad for us." So, don't expect House to perform a medical miracle on himself anytime soon! 

Bernadete in São Luís, Maranhão, Brazil: Any scoop on House?
Omar Epps tells me of his character, neurologist Eric Foreman, "His family shows up, and you meet his mom and his father and the missing brothers." And hey, I wonder if Foreman's family has anything to do with the fact that he tenders his resignation in an upcoming episode. (Yeah, you heard me—Foreman's trying to escape! Somebody grab him!)

Erica in Marion, Indiana: Any new Las Vegas news? 
I’m hearing that season five picks up pretty much exactly where season four left off. There are leads in the death of Frank Connell, and Mary (Nikki Cox) is around for that first ep, probably to wrap things up. James Caan makes a final regular appearance as well, sorting out the aftermath of the Montecito’s bomb blast and robbery.

Priya in Short Hills, New Jersey: When is Big Love coming back?
According to HBO, June 17! I can’t wait. I recently ran into Ginnifer Goodwin (who has a cameo in Adam Brody’s new movie, In the Land of Women, by the way), and I tried to get her to spill the beans on whether or not Bill’s getting a fourth wife. But it turns out she's much better at keeping her yapper shut than her onscreen persona can, telling me: “Margene would love that. Not because she wants someone to boss around, but just because she wants a friend. She needs someone on her team.” And FYI, although I’m sure it won’t actually come to fruition, I’m hearing Barb will be so embarrassed and scarred by the Mother of the Year debacle she contemplates leaving the family. 

Eric in Alhambra, California: Any news on It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia? It's coming back for a third season, right?
Yep! The gang is actually knee-deep in filming as we speak, and the storylines sound as ridiculously funny as ever. Let’s just say there is a major death in Dennis and Dee’s family (someone who may or may not have slept with Charlie). However, the gang doesn’t exactly mourn as you might expect.

Licia in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: I know it's kind of early to ask, but do you have any scoop on The 4400?
Can't wait for June! And it's not too early. Billy Campbell dishes, "We can definitely say that the ante's being upped." And new castmember Jenni Baird spills, "Jordan Collier's on the move—a bit like Aslan. Up until this point we've had Jordan Collier and the Promicin phenomenon, and then we've had the government agencies, and now they're introducing a third party..."

Nate from Grand Rapids, Michigan: Any scoop on Degrassi?
Yep! Degrassi: The Next Generation returns to the N on June 29. And if you thought Paige and Alex were over, think again. Expect some lip-locking action between the two when the show returns.

Jill in New York: On Jericho, is Heather (Sprague Grayden) really dead?
A show rep tells me, "We love that we have lots of fans for all of our characters, but unfortunately, we cannot confirm or deny anything." Got a similar reply from Sprague's publicist, so...she's totally coming back in the finale as a four-eyed mutant radioactive zombie. Just you watch.

That's all she wrote for today—'cause she needs to head out to an event with our beloved Ugly Betty peeps to get more scoop! Thanks for playing. You can send questions anytime by clicking Ask Kristin at left, then check back next Monday for the latest Vine show and Tuesday for the latest Spoiler Chat to see if you've received an answer.

Happy tubing!
—Additional reporting by Korbi Ghosh, Jennifer Godwin and Michael Berner

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