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Just in time for another all-new ep of Fox's Bones, I bring you part two of our Bones-nanza, with scoop straight from the set from the Squints (the supporting cast we love). Dig in for the dish on secret talents, near-death experiences and on-set booty calls.

Q&A: T.J. Thyne (Dr. Jack Hodgins, entomologist, "dirt guy")

Jack Hodgins is a really good second-in-command on the show, even badass Booth seems to give him respect.
Booth and I have something coming up soon where we kind of have a tussle back and forth, and it gets intense. Booth has his anger, and Hodgins has pissed him off, and they kind of have a nice bonding moment from that.

And I hear that you and Cam (Tamara Taylor) have a budding friendship on the show?
It's not even so budding! We're full-on friends. And just as actors, Tamara and I can't stop cracking each other up. It's my favorite thing in the world: If Tamara's in a scene, the corners of my mouth automatically start going up. And she doesn't do the actor's minilaugh—she really laughs. She just puts it out there. I love it so much.

I would love to see Hodgins suck Cam into one of his conspiracy theories—one that was actually proven real in the end!
I feel like this season Jack has become less about the conspiracies and more about the work, which I kind of like. I think it's good that he's not just this angry conspiracy theorist. He's gotten all these different levels of being a well-rounded human being who has friends.

Q&A: Tamara Taylor (Dr. Camille Saroyan, pathologist)

You've been able to develop this character over nearly 20 episodes—how has she changed? Is she going to keep her edge?
We'll see what they write, but I've tried to approach her as being extremely good at what does—as is the whole team—and is actually really fun loving, but when it's time to get down to business, no messing around. 

It seems like she pulled herself up by her bootstraps a little.
Exactly! And she thinks it's all fun until the team gets offtrack, so she motivates everybody with, "Let's get this done so we can go have some tequila!"

And you're playing a pathologist, which opens up the show to have a lot more kinds of bodies, right?
Exactly! We don't just have skeletons now—we can have gelatinous people, too! I love that I'm getting to handle all this stuff, although the maggots do gross me out.

Cam and Booth had an affair, and they brought you on as something of a foil personally and professionally for Bones. How's that been for you?
It's been fantastic. It's better to make a splash than not at all, even if it's not necessarily a positive one. But I didn't know being a foil to Brennan was going to be all that. I didn't know I was going to be hated by the masses. 

Don't worry, you're so fabulous that I'm making it a personal mission to convert everyone to Cam-love!
When I inhaled the toxin in "The Man in the Cell," my mom went on the Boneyard message board afterward, because she likes to see what's happening, and she calls me up and she says, "Good news, honey—almost everyone didn't want you to die!"

Q&A: Eric Millegan (Dr. Zack Addy, forensic anthropologist)

What would you like to see happen for Zack? Does he have unfulfilled goals and dreams?
I think it's time for him to get an assistant. I want him to have a grad student—maybe a lady grad student. And I'd like to sing eventually—that'd be fun, but you have to do it right. 

The Bones musical episode!
[Executive producer] Hart [Hanson] talked about just making it a surprise that Zack sings. He talked about Zack disappearing after work, and Hodgins thinks he's joined a cult, but he follows him and finds out he's just rehearsing a community theater musical. And then everybody goes to the show expecting him to be bad, and he turns out to be good.

It sounds like Hart and the writers are pretty open to ideas. Do you guys talk a lot, between the writers and the actors?
Yeah. Like, my character lives over Hodgins' garage. We found that out last year, and then my character had a line in this episode, "Did Angela move in with you yet?" And I called the writers and said, "Well, wouldn't I already know that?" And see, the line got changed here in the script to "So, when is Angela going to move in with you?" So, that's just an example—and we do talk a lot.

Q&A: Michaela Conlin (Angela Montenegro, forensic artist)

I just rewatched the episode with the Grave Digger, where Hodgins and Bones were buried alive, and you were amazing.
Thank you! You know, you can always tell when people are full of crap and they don't watch the show—and you can always tell the people that do. 

So, maybe you know: When are Bones and Booth going to get together?
We don't know. But I want to be here the day they hook up, on set, watching. 

Have they even kissed yet?
No! Unlike me and Hodgins! We're like boom-chicka-wow-wow!

Angela and Hodgins have moved pretty fast, though, right?
Hey, when it's good, it's good! They've actually been flirting for quite some time now. I was just rewatching [the season-one ep] "The Graft in the Girl," and there was a little moment. You should have come by last week, we were over there in the boudoir! I have to say, it's so fun to come to work and be like, "Hey man, what's up?" and then jump into bed!

If you missed it, check out last week's installment of Bones-nanza with David Boreanaz and Emily Deschanel. And don't forget Bones tonight on Fox!

—Additional reporting by Jennifer Godwin

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