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From Joress:  What's coming up on Scrubs? Are we going to see J.D.'s pregnant girlfriend Kim (Elizabeth Banks) again?
Who cares about Kim!? I personally don't anymore, because I just heard exclusively that one of my all-time favorite TV mavens is coming to Scrubs. It's news so good it makes me wanna kiss the cover of this Felicity DVD sitting right next to me, because—hope you're sitting down for this—it is none other than Keri Russell! Yes, sources tell me that my favorite fickle pickle (man, it feels good to reference that again) is coming to Scrubs toward the end of this season. I'm told she has only signed on for a two-episode stint, and she plays Elliot's college roommate. Here's hoping J.D. does what any right-minded man would do—knock her up quick (Keri's pregnant in real life, so it only makes sense) and refuse to let her leave. Seriously, how great would Scrubs be with Keri on as part of the show full-time? Should we start a petition? Comment below.

From Helena:  OMG. Please tell me T.R. is not leaving Grey's! Sorry, I know you wrote that he isn't, but I saw it on AOL and MSN and those are pretty reputable sites.
I stand by what I said. According to sources connected in various ways to the show, there has been no talk of T.R. leaving the show. So, either this is the best-kept secret in television history and even people working right next to him do not know, or T.R. will be there for the series finale of Grey's Anatomy.

From Jolie:  When is your new Vine show starting?
Next week! It will go live every Monday morning and have lots of red hot scoop, answers to your questions and even special guests (of the fan-favorite variety)! My office has been swankified into a fabulous new set, and we're going all out to make this show as scooplicious as it can be. So please, please check it out every Monday and I'll be your bestest friend. 

From Nelson:  ER scoop!
I just hit the set for a little Stamos, er, um, scoop action with the stars. Always a good time. My old college buddy (okay, she said hi to me once in the dining hall) Linda Cardellini tells me of her character: "Sam gets a love interest, but I don’t know how long-lived that is. She likes to move on. She doesn’t like to stay in one place for too long." Linda also hints that Andy Dick comes on to play a "funny role," and if he’s her love interest, I would find that very funny, indeed!

From Lillyloo:  I want Neela with Pratt. Any hope of that?
Well, Miss Poet who knows it, here’s what my beloved John Stamos says of the romance that lies ahead: "It is starting to get interesting between Neela and Gates. Shane West is coming back, riding in from the West, and I am glad because I kinda thought it would be a traditional, straight romantic arc through the season. And now, all of a sudden, they are throwing all of these curves, and it’s really going to be something to watch."

From Jordan:  Hi Kristin! I recently heard Lost may be coming to an that true?
No. Personally, I think everyone overreacted to what producers told reporters at the TV Critics Press Tour a couple of weeks back. What Damon and Carlton said is that they are envisioning an end point for the series, but that does not mean the end point is soon! It's more the idea that, say, if you are taking a road trip, it makes it easier to plan if you know where you are going and a rough estimate of what time you need to be there. The ratings are strong, and I cannot see the show going away anytime soon.

From Heath:  I'm totally digging What About Brian. Please talk more about that show!
Gladly! I love it, too. Stacy Keibler is stepping into the show, playing an actress, and I'm hearing she's a spicy love interest for one fine fella! My fellow E! girl Samantha Harris (also host of Dancing with the Stars) is guest starring as herself and will interview Stacy.

From Emily:  I can’t believe Adam told Marjorie that it’s over last week!  Is Sarah Lancaster off What About Brian for good now?
I’m afraid so. A friend of mine ran into her last week, and she said she was only contracted for the first season of the show and an extra 13 episodes of season two, so I’m thinking we’ve seen the last of Marjorie for a long while. Sarah’s already auditioning for a new series. So sad, no? However, I am hearing really good things about Tiffani Thiessen's role that is coming up, so hopefully she serves as a somewhat replacement.

From Milla:  Sweeps! It's sweeps!
Let us do the dance of TV joy! If you want to know exactly what's going to be pinning you to your couch for the next month, I highly recommend Joal Ryan's February sweeps rundown in our News section. It's quite humorous—and handy-dandy, to boot.

From Marvin:  What's up with Hiro's dad on Heroes?
George Takei, who is smarter than all the rest of us combined (except maybe his onscreen son, Masi Oka, with whom he's been known to converse in—wait for it—Spanish) told reporters in a conference call late last week, "As an actor, I know just as much as what the script shares with me, so I'm curious what genetic thing I may have passed on to my son, Hiro. In life there are consequences, and sometimes those consequences are passed on." (Somewhere in Texas, Micah and Claire are nodding in agreement.) George Takei's Haito Nakamura appears tonight, then skips an ep, and then returns in the episode after next. When he returns, according to George, "We discover that I'm more entwined in the intrigue than I've initially thought." (Mmmm...Haito + Linderman = global superpower conspiracy?! Just a guess!)

From Tom:  Is Veronica Mars coming back next year?
Sadly, no word yet. We'll be gearing up for our Save One Show campaign within the next month, so get your voting clicks ready! I, for one, might have to stop watching the CW if it cancels VM. Last week's Canada moment, in which Veronica briefly rocked out in Mac's dorm room, was my favorite TV highlight of the entire year. I just love her.

From George:  Don't judge me. I love Hell's Kitchen. Any scoop on it?
Hey, this is a judgment-free zone! Didn't you see the big, happy yellow signs? It comes back in March, and it sounds like the girls are hard-core this year. Gordon Ramsay tells me, "This show is a battle of the sexes; it’s the girls against the boys. It’s quite a kick in the balls for the guys to be beaten by girls."

From Julie:  I am loving Men in Trees on Thursday nights. Please tell me it's doing better in the ratings!
Good news—MIT actually pulled in its best numbers last week, with more than 10.5 million tuning in after Grey’s! So, yes, things are looking up. Some scoop: Mai’s sister, a famous ice dancer, makes her way to Elmo very soon.


From Julia:  I heard that the little girl seen this season on Grey's who felt no pain was supposed to turn out to be the daughter that Izzie put up for adoption. Any truth to this?
Funny. Do you think that rumor was started because the little girl was sort of a Claire from Heroes? Anyhoo, I had not heard that, and I also know that casting agents have been in Toronto recently, looking to cast a girl between the ages of 10 and 12 for an arc next season. Now, as much as a great show like Grey's might plan ahead, this seems to be way ahead, if you ask me. So, my first thought is that this girl is Izzie's bio-daughter.

From Thomas:  How great is tonight's Heroes?
Um, freaky-deaky great. Sylar goes nuts (yes, even crazier than before) and holds the Bennets hostage, and nuclear boy Ted makes an explosive (that's fun to say) return.

From Tracey: **** is soooo Claire's father! Don't you think so from the man they showed in the preview—business shirt with the sleeve rolled up...
Well, aren't you a smart cookie.

From Jen:  Are J.D. and Kim over? Is she coming back?
Everyone's still feeling the Kim love, eh? Well, although we may see Kim this week, I’m hearing she and J.D. are done. I smell a breakup sometime soon. And J.D. and Felicity, sitting in a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g! (I'm not giving up on this dream.)

From Charles:  I'm loving Rebecca Romijn on Ugly Betty! Any scoop?
I'm told that Daniel has a hard time accepting the fact that his brother is now his sister, and there's lots of family drama regarding Alexis (Romijn). She has sworn revenge on Daddy Meade (because when she was still Alex, he told her he'd rather she be dead than have a sex change). Daniel is stunned to find out that his father had paid so much attention to Alex in the past because of his transgender issues, and not because he was the more accomplished, more dutiful son. But the biggest shocker? Mode magazine will have a new boss very soon, and it is someone you're digging! That's what I'm hearing anyway. So good.

From Yolanda:  Ugly Betty rules! Give us the dish.
Walter's heading off to Maryland for a job. (Sayonara, sucka! Bring on the Hetty loveliness with Henry and Betty!) Also, Judith Light's character disappears and Betty is the one who finds her.

From Carla:  Gimme some Desperate dirt!
Now that Jane’s out of the picture (RIP), I’m told there is wedding talk between Susan and Ian. Unfortunately for Ms. Mayer, though, Ian’s got another lady in his life who’s gonna cause trouble: his mommy! We meet both of Ian’s parents sometime soon, and I hear there is a brawl over Susan and some prenup business.

From Kallinda:  Stop ignoring Las Vegas! I want some dish.
And dish ye shall have. We were just on set while they were shooting the finale of the season, and here's what Josh Duhamel reveals of the last episode: "The last episode has so much going on, I get confused thinking about what we’re doing. This is when my girlfriend’s pregnant and she hasn’t told me yet, and I have this buddy who is in town that I went to Iraq with a few years earlier who’s basically losing it. He ends up being recalled, and he doesn’t want to go, and he interrupts right as she is about to tell me, so poor Delinda can’t divulge that she is pregnant."

From Celine:  Thanks for the great Q&A with the HIMYM boss! Do you know if Alyson Hannigan might come back to Veronica Mars?
I asked that very question to Alyson, and she told me, "Not really. That sort of went hush-hush. It had its little arc, and it was fun, but I don’t know...I am so busy right now, it would be hard."

From Marcus:  How big is this death you talked about on The Sopranos? It's not in Tony's core family, is it?
It is. It's huge.

That's it for today! If you have a Q, enter it into the Ask Kristin box at left, then check back next Monday to see if it's answered in my spanking-new Vine show—can't wait!!—or Tuesday in the chat!

—Additional reporting by Korbi Ghosh and Jennifer Godwin

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