Ugly Betty

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Chris Gorham is back! Chris Gorham is back!

And as a die-hard fan of "Hetty"—Henry (aka Chris Gorham) and Betty (aka America Ferrera)—I, for one, could not be more thrilled about Thursday's Ugly Betty.

This is what I can tell you: Turns out, there's plenty of steaminess coming in the form of not one but two love triangles that lie ahead. (And what I'm about to tell you is a wee bit spoilery, so read at your own risk!)

We all know about the Betty, Walter and Henry romance trifecta, but I'm told that there's yet another love isosceles on the horizon: Henry, Betty and a mystery woman! I'm told this woman is something of a Hannah (Noel's ex from Felicity)—meaning, Henry and she have a past, and even worse, she is totally unhateable in every way. Arrrgh! In fact, you've already met her—she's being played by Hiro's former squeeze (the waitress) on Heroes, Jayma Mays.

Still, the good news for Hetty aficionados is that I just stopped by the set, and Chris Gorham told me he's sticking around for the long haul. "I will be a recurring character from now on," he said. "And then next season, I'll be a series regular."

That future-contract news has Kevin Sussman, who plays Walter, shaking in his Keds. "It's not looking good for Walter," he admitted. "He has a lot of work to do in terms of understanding and changing if he wants to continue to be a part of Betty's life, or even a part of the Suarez family."

Kevin also revealed, "I'm contracted through the end of this season. That's all I know right now." Does that mean Henry could be Betty's steady boyfriend by season two? Here's hopin'!

Still, Walter's not walking away without a rumble. "Chris and I are working on [a fight scene] right now," Kevin said with a laugh. "The writers don't know anything about it at this point, but we're going to do our best to convince them. We decided that if they did brawl, Walter would probably win the fight, but he would hurt himself in the process, biting himself and frantically flailing about!" Love it.

So, who do you think Betty should be with? Comment away below !

Ugly Betty airs tomorrow on ABC.

—Additional reporting by Korbi Ghosh

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