Happy Wednesday! It's time for our Hump-Day Stumper, where I don't name any names—but you call me plenty in your quest to try and figure it out.

Movie Starlet 
This talented little lady is fast becoming one of the best-known television actors out there today. But don't you dare call her one! I'm told by sources on set of her show that she scowls at anyone—reporters and costars alike—who refers to her as a TV star, because she once starred in movies. This is also why she often requests to be treated differently than her cast. Although, as one who once spent nearly an entire second onscreen during the Felicity finale (you saw me, didn't you?), I can say this kind of stuff can really go to your head.

Beloved Ben
I'm not going to use any snarky, silly names for this one, because, well, he is far too talented and too much of a class act for such juvenilityishnessdom. (See, I'm mature and can use big, fancy, multisyllabic words!) This guy is an actor I've talked about before in my column. Chances are, you dig him. And I'm told he's planning to leave his significant other because he has realized something about himself. Yes, that something. And honestly, I wish him all the best.

Now, feel free to talk among yourselves below...

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