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Nathan kissed Peter (and it was kinda hot). Niki and her alter ego seem to be having a lovers' quarrel over their son. And Hiro and Ando sure seem to be spending a whole lotta time together. Hmmm...

These are the juvenile places my mind took me while watching tonight's episode of Heroes, and I blame it on executive producer Jeph Loeb, who told me, "There are other gay characters on the show. We just haven't focused on it. It's not a power, it's just an element of a character."

Maybe so, but I'm still curious to know which characters Loeb is talking about, and whether we've already met them. (In case you hadn't heard, the initial plan to make Zach's character gay was later changed—hence, the sudden lovey-dovey chemistry and swoony music in scenes with Claire and mind-zapped Zach...so silly. Did the Haitian make Zach forget his sexuality, too?)

Regardless, there are far more exciting things to talk about regarding tonight's episode, which rocked, don't you think? Here's what we learned:

  • Masi Oka stepped up his comedic game to new heights. (There's something magical about his chemistry with Nathan Petrelli onscreen. Hey, I wonder if they're the ones who are...Just kidding.) 
  • Isaac fixed his hair! I've heard Isaac's Breck-commercial-looking glam locks have been an issue for some of the higher-ups, so they hosed him down and took off his shirt and—voilà!—we have an even sexier Hero to oogle.
  • D.L. can so break Niki outta jail. He can hold her hand through glass—so this prison break will be so much easier than full-body tattoos. Trust me. 
  • Primatech Paper (HRG's bidness) has a real Website—www.primatechpaper.com—with what appears to be real phone number. I can't dial it on my BlackBerry (no letters corresponding to numbers), so quick! Somebody try it and post what happens in the comments section.
  • Apparently the jury is split on Ali Larter's split-personality performance. Personally, I say the girl is genius. Other critics at last week's Press Tour were saying words like "shark" and "jump." (I retaliated with words like "fist" and "in your face.") Anyway, I'm curious to hear your comments in the section below...Did Niki's arguments with her alter ego make you cringe or cheer? I thought she rocked and I got chills with that last line: "Who needs God when you have me?" Eeee!

Here's what lies ahead—and yes, it is spoilery:

  • Matt's wife is so preggers! Greg Grunberg told me this recently, and you gotta wonder, who's the baby's daddy? (Is it Jin?)
  • Peter is going to get a much more severe image makeover than Isaac. I'm told that producers have had problems with continuity, so they asked Milo Ventimiglia (Peter) to cut his hair. He agreed to shave his head—but requested a scar. And he will get one. And he'll still be dead sexy. Just you wait.
  • Nathan really does think he can help Peter with his whole exploding-hands thing. (You can figure out how, right?)
  • There's gonna be a kickass flashback episode. According to HRG, aka Horny, aka Jack Coleman: "We're about to film the HRG origin episode—where he comes from, how he got to where he is, how he adopted Claire and who his partner used to be. Also, the crisis comes to a head between his family and work in a very big way….By the origin episode you will have a very, very keen understanding of who he is, and it's wonderful, because there's a sympathy for the character that he's never had before and also a certain horror. They've managed to walk that line."

I'm sorry. Did he say—I'm raising one brow here— "partner"...?

Okay, I'll stop. Seriously, this show is so giddy-giddy-good, it turns me into a second-grader!

By the way, if you haven't read it yet, make sure you read my roundup of exclusive Heroes storyline scoop (lots of juicy dish) from the cast.

Post your theories and comments below! 

12:23 Update: Here's Dr. Anna Graham's recap of last night's episode. Enjoy!

Chapter 12: "Godsend"

Hiro swipes "his" sword from the museum ("It's one antique!"), only to discover it's a replica, and the original is probably with Linderman. You know, I totally want to see that man's face. A good villain can only be played like Dr. Claw in Inspector Gadget for so long.

Anyway, Hiro heads back to Isaac's for more canvas clues, and there he encounters Nathan Petrelli, who wants answers about what's going on with his baby brother. Hiro and Nathan get straight on good versus evil, and Nathan realizes he's the only one of the group with access to Linderman and the solutions to some of these mysteries.

Down in Texas, Claire has somehow persuaded the mind freak to talk to her about HRG. Mind freak's all blasé about the whole conspiracy, and he won't put her in touch with Peter, so she takes matters into her own hands. (Teenage rebellion looks good on her!)

Officer Matt and Clea DuVall lead a raid on the paper company, but Sylar is nowhere to be found. Officer Matt and Clea are disgraced in the eyes of hottie federale Stacy Haiduk, but Officer Matt lets HRG know that he's still wise to his wacky mutant-napping hijinks.

Oh, and speaking of Sylar, he's been communing with a cockroach I'll call Kafka. One of HRG's diabolical doctors explains they can't figure out which gene segments code for his powers, and the only power they've successfully identified is telekinesis. Someone should really tell them about his skull-opening abilities, because I'm thinking that's the big kahuna.

Elsewhere, Niki and Jessica are now tenants in common of a single crowded body, and together they put on a very retro multiple-personality disorder show, in the vein of Joanne Woodward's Three Faces of Eve. Jessica spends most of the episode terrorizing various local law-enforcement officials. Finally, when Niki is briefly in charge, she is subdued into a strait jacket and a padded room.

Over in Brooklyn, Mohinder tries to explain the Sylar problem to the ignorant masses, but as these things tend to go, no one normal can help him. Later, Mohinder has a sit-down with HRG, who warns him that the people on the list have great and terrible powers, emphasis on terrible. He wants to see Daddy Suresh's list so he can "help" them, but Mohinder tells him not to let the door hit him on the ass on the way out.

Last but not least, Peter spends the overwhelming majority of the episode dreaming of things to come. When he finally wakes up screaming, he flees the hospital, desperate to get to Nevada, where he believes Radioactive Ted is arming up his Fists of Furious Vengeance. On the way to the airport, another specter from his dream appears in reality: the shaggy visage of Christopher Eccleston. Eccleston's invisible and is therefore stunned when Peter sees him steal. When Eccleston grabs Peter, our favorite empath becomes invisible, too. They struggle, unseen by the rest of the world. Fade to eye-roll-worthy Mohinder V.O. Whee!

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