It is Blind Wednesday and you know what that means: I'm opening my big, fat yapper and telling you things I'm not supposed to. And, tubers, let me tell ya, this one is so good I wish I could name names! 'Cause, see, it involves not one but two of our TV favorites. (And you'd never think they would be linked up.)

RIP Rita and Studly Stan 

This little story involves two TV stars who have absolutely nothing to do with each other—except for the fact that they both happen to have starred on hit shows we talk about very often here in WWK Central. We'll call the girl RIP Rita ('cause she is no longer on her show) and the guy Studly Stan ('cause he's still on his show and, oh, how he has become quite the stud with the ladies over the years!).

Once upon a time, Stan required a new love interest, and Rita (pretty little thing that she is) was top of the list to get the role. So, Stan suggested the soon to be happy TV couple go out to dinner and get to know each other—you know, just to make doubly sure they had "chemistry." Well, apparently, there was plenty of chemistry on Stan's end, 'cause according casting sources and sources close to Rita, Stan spent the entire night hitting on his potential TV counterpart—so badly and obnoxiously that Rita decided she'd rather be shot than star in the show with him. The next morning, she called the casting folks and said she wouldn't be doing the role. Stan's love interest was immediately recast, but as far as I know, he's still lookin' for love in real life. And trust me, if you knew who he was, there'd be plenty of takers. 

Guesses? Give it a shot in the comments section below!

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