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Swim! Swim for your liiiiiiives!!

Was I the only one screaming this at my TV set as Lost cut to black at the end of last night's episode? 

Sure, they're on that other Alcatrazy island. And sure, Jack needs to stay put to keep vigil over Ben's kidney sack, but I can't for the life of me figure out why Kate would be so hesitant to make an escape—and save Sawyer's life—just because she didn't have Jack by her side.

Unless...Kate is really in love with Jack! Think about it. She never answered Sawyer when he asked if she really loved him. She never said the magic L word. As far as "choices" go, I'd say a passionate presumed predeath romp is not exactly proof that you've found your soul mate. But then again, what do I know? The truth is we'll have to wait until freaking February  to find out what happens next! Is anyone else in a serious funk about that?

Anyway, here's what we learned...

The breakfast mystery continues. When Jack asked Kate if she had been hurt, she didn't answer and started crying. Now, this could have been because she found out Sawyer was about to be killed, but I'd bet good money that the timing of her tears was not a coincidence and that something did happen to Kate the first morning in the Others' camp (when she was given her dress and led to breakfast on the beach—would you like crepes with that creep?).

Eko left a message for John. He told him to look north, and from what I hear, that is the exact direction Locke and Charlie are headed in the coming episodes. Locke will most definitely be on a mission to bring the gang back together. As for Locke's line "I hope you died for a reason Mr. Eko; I hope it's just not too long before we find out what it might be," it seemed a shout-out to any fans disgruntled over Eko's death that it will serve a purpose. 

Ben will be your father figure. Put your tiny hands in his. That's the song that went ringing through my head when Benry asked Juliet right before surgery if Alex had asked about him. Perhaps after stealing her as a baby from Rousseau, Ben became a father figure and raised Alex.

What lies ahead...

Lots more Desmond. Hurrah! Sources tell me we'll delve more into his backstory and mysterious powers in the remaining 16 episodes.

Meanwhile, here's what executive producer Bryan Burke says of tonight's "fall finale": "I think of this as our season 2.5.  Like, this is kind of like wrapping up a lot of where we were last year.  For me, season three begins in February."

Are you on board for it—yes or no? Post your comments below!


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