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Hey, tubers! It's time for our latest installment of the live-ly chat, in which we run down the latest on Eko's departure and the surprises in store for this week's Lost. Plus, exclusive scoop on a 24 family reunion, an Arrest-ing comeback and what Veronica Mars herself has to say about our theories on the rapist.

From Jason: Why was Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje written off Lost? Was he as unruly as the rumors are saying? I don’t wanna believe it!
And as the creator of the moniker SexAAA, you know I don’t wanna either. But it’s now been confirmed to me by various sources that Adewale had some interpersonal issues on the set. Personally, I don’t want to soil my own karma by spilling it all (Mr. Hickey would be so proud), but let’s just say that when Eko appeared to be a gentle humanitarian, that was indeed an Emmy-worthy performance. (P.S., I also would like to retract the words mean, stinker and of a stupid head from my former statement regarding J.J. Abrams.) Meanwhile, a fellow E! Online reporter (Josh Grossberg) ran into Lost executive producer Bryan Burke this morning and asked whether Eko’s departure was something planned. Burke replied, "Storywise, it was definitely the direction we're going. I don't know what our official answer is on all that." Burke later added that Adewale asked to leave the show and that "it was for personal reasons that we can't talk about."

From Heather: How is that show Big Day?
It’s better now that an Arrested Development alum has joined in the Big fun! I’m told that Tony Hale (our beloved Buster Bluth) has been cast as a guest star and shows up later in the season for a fun little arc. Sources tell me he plays the photographer who is also the ex-fiancé of the wedding planner, Stephanie Weir. Go, Buster!

From Melinda: Noel Crane is engaged! Clearly, Scott Foley has decided to move forward with his life now that he knows he can’t have you.
Obviously. (I hope he doesn’t make her dress up like me, poor thing.) And by the way, here’s fun proof of how teeny tiny Hollywood is: Scott Foley is engaged to Marika Dominczyk, who is playing Justin Walker’s (Dave Annable's) girlfriend on Brothers & Sisters, which also stars Sarah Jane Morris, Noel’s wife (Zoey) from Felicity, which is being written about right now by the maid of honor in their wedding!

From Emily: Last week's Ugly Betty was the best of the season—so glad to see more layers of Amanda, Wilhelmina, etc. Will we be seeing more of the accounting cutie? I thought he and Betty had great chemistry!
I agree! I was sorta hoping she would choose cutie suitor (Chris Gorham) over her former b-f, but then again, I have a soft spot for Jake 2.0 (Gorham). According to sources, there are no plans at the moment for Gorham to return, but here’s my vote that he should! Who’s with me?!

From secretboy: The O.C. is moving to Wednesday! I’m so glad. Now I can watch it again.
Yes, and after Lost goes on hiatus this week until February (anyone else having a hard time dealing with that), I have a feeling the Newport gang’s ratings will improve. This week, you get a double dose of episodes (Wednesday at 9 and Thursday at 9) with lots of good stuff, especially in the Summer and Seth department.

From Janet: David and Mary were eliminated from The Amazing Race. Sad!
I talked to them this morning, and they were actually in great spirits. They’re in New York this week to promote the show, and Rosie O’Donnell has just invited them and their kids on her family cruise, along with the Chos, Tom and Terry, and Duke and Lauren! They’re very excited. Also, you’ll be happy to hear they truly did make great friends on the race. Mary said Erwin and Godwin are her second and third husbands. She talks to them on the phone every night! They also talk to Tom and Terry every week and even took their kids to Alabama to hang out with Lyn and Karlyn! How great is that?

From Stephanie: What's up with Agent Kelton's death on Vanished? Is he really dead? Has Gale Harold's departure been planned from the show's conception, or did something happen behind the scenes?
It was not the plan all along. But the good news is Eddie Cibrian (Gale’s replacement) is digging his new role...and crossing his fingers Vanished meets a better fate than his last show. "I am hoping [Vanished] won’t be an Invasion," he tells me. "You’re talking about a serialized show, and this show has a good fan base, and people are really into it. It would be disappointing for the fans and the viewers—and for us—if we couldn’t finish out the storyline. There is a lot of stuff coming up that people will want answers to."

From Suzanne: Showtime's Dexter! Are you in yet?
I’m so in. I just watched next week’s episode this morning and...holy crap. Let’s just say it’s so devious and disgusting and wrong and totally freaking entertaining I can't stop watching. Michael C. Hall should win that Emmy. So, so good.


If you don't want to know upcoming plot points on some of TV's hottest shows, then skip to the next story!

From Irene: 24 scoop!
I finally have some, and it's juicy! Sources tell me we meet…wait for it, wait for it…Jack Bauer's brother in the upcoming season! And apparently, it is someone we've heard from before. Eek! Any bets on who plays him?

From Kirk: On Lost, are Sawyer and Kate really having sex right there, out in the open?
And how. And you'll never guess who spies their postcoital bliss! I'll give you a hint: He's in a box.

From Tawnygirl: Tell me something good about Lost's fall finale this Wednesday. Please, anything! Do it!
Heh-heh. You said do it. And speaking of…Kate does it with Sawyer. And Jack does it with (meaning, operates on) Ben. And only one of those doers is sincere in his or her intentions. The other does it for personal gain, which will be revealed with a bloody-good cliffhanger twist.

From Alyssa: Will Ben survive?
We don't yet know when tonight's episode ends. So, you will have to wait until February to find out. Who wants to help me infiltrate the Lost production offices? I've got night-vision goggles. You bring the Mint Milano cookies. (I just like those.)

From Jerry: 90210 comes out on DVD tomorrow!
Yes! And you'll never guess who the biggest Peach Pit freaks around are. Miss Veronica Mars herself, Kristen Bell, and our beloved Korbi Ghosh—both of whom attended the DVD release party on Friday. I'll let Korbi reveal her spoileriffic Veronica scoop…
Korbi: Thanks, Kristin! Although I was a bit disappointed that the party was held at the Beverly Hilton instead of the Bel Age (so wrong), it was still awesome. Everyone showed except Brenda and Dylan, but I'd like to think they were off somewhere together. I chatted with Ian Ziering, who is adorable. He told me the first episode he's going to watch is the one in which Steve and Brandon go out with two hot chicks who end up stealing Steve's Corvette. When they filmed that, Ian said he felt like he was going to get fired at any moment. "I just remember doing a lot of my best work in the rearview mirror on my drive home," Ian told me. Awww. No worries—I assured him he was fabulous.

From Kristin: Ummm…hello! Neptune to Korbi! I thought you were going to talk about Kristen Bell?
Korbi: Ooh! Sorry, I just get a little overexcited about 90210. But yes, Ms. Kristen Bell showed up for the festivities! Why? Because she's a big fan of the show! Hello?! Of course, I had to ask her if she'd heard the theory that the Veronica Mars rapist is a girl. Her reaction? A long, pregnant, awkward pause. I swear, she looked shocked when the words came out of my mouth, but the shock morphed into a little smirk. "I haven't heard that, but it's a very interesting theory," she said with a smile. "We've actually already shot [the episode where it's revealed], so I know the answer." She told me that although the writers always surprise her, she did have an inkling as to who the rapist was, but there was much more to the story than she realized. As for the next mystery, she gave me this cryptic tease: "All I'll say is not everyone survives. I'm not saying anyone dies, but not everyone survives." And if any of you have a clue as to what that means, please share, 'cause I'm completely confused.        

From Jordan: Let me just say I hate Lorelai and Christopher together. I read on a spoiler site that Lorelai and Chris get married in Paris, but then I read on a message board on the CW Website that they break up because Chris is still married to Sherry. Do you know if either is true?
I'm personally hearing shotgun nuptials, and Rory won't be in attendance—which she will be very unhappy about. And it sounds like you will be, too.

From Keiki: I love Ugly Betty! What's coming up?
We get to know a bit more about Amanda and her past. Let's just say she didn't always look the way she does. She's got something in common with One Tree Hill's Rachel! Also, I'm hearing the only woman Daniel ever really cared about was a supermodel (one we all know), and we meet her before the year is out.

From Tracy: Sorry if this has been addressed, but is Sarah Lancaster no longer going to be on What About Brian? Tell me it isn't so! I love her and her chemistry with both Adam and Brian!
I'm still in denial over that one, too! But she is no longer a series regular. A source close to the show tells me the writers thought the love triangle had been played out. Weird, no?

From Wilson: What's up with Jason Ritter and Lizzy Caplan's characters on The Class? Are they going to hook up or what?
As of now, no. I'm actually hearing that Lizzy's character, Kat, is going to start dating a classical violinist who's sort of famous.

From Logan: Smallville!
When you see this week's TV Guide, you'll know Lexana (Lex & Lana) isn't going anywhere anytime soon. Lex is popping the freaking question. Gaaa! And we have to wait until February for her answer. Meanwhile, another Justice League member, the Martian Manhunter, makes his appearance in that same episode. And it looks like he might be popping in on Clark from time to time.

From Garby: Bones! Stop ignoring my Bones!
Gladly. Emily Deschanel tells me there's something coming up between Bones and Seeley (David Boreanaz) that is trés excitante (yes, I'm making up words now) for the fans who want them together. "I'll say that the relationship develops, and I don't think anyone will be disappointed," E.D. tells me. "There are some steamy developments in that area!"

That's all for today. Check back next Tuesday for the next live-ly chat! And in the meantime, you can always submit questions by clicking on the Ask Kristin button at left.

—Additional reporting by Korbi Ghosh and Jennifer Godwin

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