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Why did they decide to end the Matt-Cherry storyline on Nip/Tuck? I loved that storyline last season and thought it ended pretty abruptly. What happened? 
Sources close to Nip/Tuck tell me that producer Ryan Murphy actually wanted Cherry (Willam Belli) to come back and have an even bigger role this season, but the network wasn’t so keen on continuing that storyline. Apparently, the whole penis-slicing (yeow) storyline in the season finale was a bit too much for even FX’s standards and practices. Still, I can tell you that the season is only heating up, becausedon't forget my exclusive dish that (SPOILER ALERT)Joely Richardson (Julia) is leaving the show for a “break” of undetermined length this season. I'm told her departure just might have something to do with that manny, Peter Dinklage. Gaaa!

I love that Michael Muhney of Veronica Mars emailed you to give you kudos on your Heroes cameo. What a sweetie! You gotta interview him, 'cause we Veronica fans love him so.
—Melinda Lee
Well, as coinky-dink would have it, there just so happened to be a DKNY underwear launch party this week, and Mr. Sheriff Lamb himself, aka Michael Muhney, just so happened to be there for the panty raid. First, I must tell you M.M. is just about the most likeable guy in the Biz. Next, I must tell you Michael gave up a little scoop on what’s ahead (down below in the spoiler zone) and had this to say about his character's feelings toward our favorite pixie spy: “Lamb has a secret crush on Veronica, which he still has to keep to himself. He's just the bully in the schoolyard pulling on her pigtails, the best way he knows how.” (Is it wrong to secretly, kinda-sorta want them together? Discuss in the comments below.)

What’s with that Website they keep talking about on Prison Break? Is it real?
It is, and yes, it is a bona fide Website. Chickity-check it! And by the way, I caught up with Wentworth Miller and Sarah Wayne Callies twice this weekonce at a Fox party and once while they were rendezvousing at a hotel (yeee!), so stay tuned for that exclusive .

How can I show my support for Studio 60? I saw your Save Your New Fave feature and tried to post under comments, but it doesn’t seem to be working. Help!
This should be working now. To vote, simply click here to go to the Save Your New Fave campaign—which will help rescue your one favorite newbie from cancellation—then Log In (above the story) and Add Your Comments (below the story). If that is not working for you, feel free to email me your vote with the name of your chosen show as your subject line. Voting closes tonight, and results will be revealed tomorrow (Thursday), so make your voice heard before it’s too late!


I just heard that there's going to be a major character's death on Lost next week. WHAT?! Did you tell us that and I missed it? Usually I have a much better attention span!
I can tell you that there will most definitely be a Lost death tonight. However, it is not of the major variety. As for next week, my lips are in a vice grip. (So, psst...You know something huge is gonna happen.) Also coming up tonight: Desmond mounts Claire('s roof), Sawyer hits the slammer, and Jack finds he has much more in common with Juliet than he thought. (What's up, doc?)

Is Marjorie gone for good on What About Brian? Sarah Lancaster and Matt Davis are really the only two reasons I watch the show. Not sure if I'll continue to watch with Marjorie in Minnesota.
Marjorie is not gone for good. And Sarah and Matt won’t be separated by even a mile, my dear. On or off the show! Don't forget, the two are dating in real life. And crazy adorable, I might add. 

Please! A little scoop on Veronica Mars? Just for me?
Well, okay, but don’t you dare tell anyone else.  This scoop is actually straight from the mouth of Michael Muhney (Sheriff Lamb): “The sheriff definitely wields his power over Veronica’s school. He shows up for the rape case in the first arc, but in the second and third arc, he's going to have to lay down the law and tries to cause trouble with Veronica at the same time.” He also hinted that Lamb and Daddy Mars are joining forces this season. “I think only begrudgingly!” Michael said. “However, I can say that there's some funny stuff in episode 11 regarding a former and a current sheriff situation. Sort of a personal thing between Keith and me that might be pretty funny.” 

Is it just me, or is Gilmore Girls just not the same this season? Please tell me Lorelai will kick Christopher to the curb and realize she's meant to be with Luke. I mean, that relationship went sour way too fast!
I hate to break it to you Luke fans, but Lorelai and Christopher are most definitely moving forward—possibly way too fast. I’m sure you heard TV Guide’s wedding-bell rumors, and a source confirms to me that it is most definitely true. Lorelai and Christopher plan to get hitched. I’m curious to know how you all feel about this, so be sure to sound off on whom you think Lorelai should be with (Christopher or Luke) in the new poll in the  message boards

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