Welcome, tubers!

If you're reading this message, it means that we have successfully launched the revamped E! Online, along with this brand-spanking-new Watch with Kristin section.

It looks different. It feels different. Heck, it might even smell different. And I know many of you readers will have questions about this new section, what it includes and how it functions. So, in the hope of clearing up any confusion, I'm going to channel my mind-reading abilities (à la Greg Grunberg of Heroes) and answer the questions I think you have about WWK 2.0.

Q: What is the new Watch with Kristin?

The new Watch with Kristin section is what I like to call a "blolumn." It is a column in the format of a blog -- which means I can post as much as I want, as frequently as I want. How kickass is that? Plus, we have a slew of new features...

Q: What are the new features we can expect on a regular basis?

* Breaking News: Instant updates on breaking TV news the nanosecond it breaks. No more waiting a whole week for updates! 

* Daily Piece of A's:  I answer your burning TV questions three times a week--every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Any spoilers will be clearly marked in a Spoiler Zone to help protect you fans who are spoiler-free. (You can submit questions by simply clicking the Ask Kristin button at left!)

* Tuesday Tease-o-Rama: The ultimate fun in spoilerdom! Every Tuesday, I give you a list of possible scoop and spoilers, then reveal the answers every Thursday in the Tease-o-Reveal.

* Actually Watch with Kristin: Every week, I'll choose a show to watch with you and will join you during that episode on the message boards to chat and bond. The chosen show and the time zone will be different every week and will be decided based on your suggestions via email. Our next event will be Wed., Oct. 25 at 9 pm *PT,* to watch ABC's Lost.

* The Redux:  My scooplicious reaction to an episode of a show we love, with behind-the-scenes scoop and spoilers.

* The Recap: The most illustrious cult-TV expert around, Dr. Anna Graham, gives her take of what went down in a particular episode. (We're starting off Heroes and Lost.)

* Ratings for Dummies: My right-hand gal, Korbi, gives you daily ratings briefings that are quick, timely and most importantly, easy for regular people to understand! And speaking of Korbi...

Q: Who is Korbi? And what's a Quickie?

Korbi Ghosh is my most trusted and talented sidekick, who has earned her own cool section, called Korbi's Quickie, which posts every night (late at night), Sunday through Thursday. Basically, Korbi is going to act as your own personal SheVo, catching you up on what you may have missed from that night of TV and what you cannot miss the following night. It's a cheat sheet to help you stay in the loop on all the good TV out there. Pretty awesome, right?

Q: How did you decide on what would be included in the new Watch with Kristin?

You. Seriously. It's all about you. I asked for your "Wish List" a couple weeks ago and received thousands of emails in response. From those emails, I have implemented the most popular requests and suggestions. As time goes on, we'll start to unveil even more of your stellar ideas.  

Q: How can I tell you what I think of the new Watch with Kristin?

Feel free to comment below on this story, or email me at tvdiva@eonline.com with any praise, complaints or suggestions. Feel free to be honest.

Q: Will you still do all the other stuff you used to do?

Of course. There'll be all the breaking news, spoilers, set visits, blind items, interviews, behind-the-scenes happenings, video clips, etc. that I've been doing for years. And much more of them! 

Q: How do I "comment" on a story or "recommend" it?

You must "sign in" at the top left of the page. Then to recommend, go to where it says "Recommend Now" (right under my name and the date) and simply click the number of stars you wish. To comment, go to the end of the story and click on "Add Your Comments."

Q: What happened to the chat?

Sadly, the era of the live chat every Monday has come to an end. And while I'll miss everyone who came to that live event for so many years, I gotta say, I'm honestly really excited about all the replacements listed above, which will allow you to get answers and scoop in a much more timely fashion.

Q: What about the message boards?

The message boards will remain intact. And I wanted to mention, I know some of you have become frustrated with the amount of "Off Topic" threads, but these groups have formed such a special community and bond, I can't bring myself to kick them out into the cold wilderness of the general E! Online boards. So, at least for now, the OT threads will remain on the WWK boards. However--breaking news!--there is a way to make all the OT threads a little less of a nuisance. After you sign in, simply click on "Your Control Panel" and under "Threads Per Forum Page," change the number to 50. This makes it much easier to scan through the threads.

Q: How often should I check WWK for updates?

Again, this site is now at my mercy, and I can post whenever and whatever I please ... Mwah-ha-ha-ha-ha! Scary, right? So if you are a true TV fan and don't want to be out of the loop on the latest TV happenings, I suggest you come back at least once a day!

Thanks so much for visiting the new Watch with Kristin at the new E! Online. I'm honestly excited about this change, and can't wait to start dishing it out --daily!--so, well, here we go...

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