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You promised to spill what [Brothers & Sisters star] Dave Annable said about what would have happened on Reunion. So, spill!
But of course, mon cheri! I’ll let Dave spill it, ‘cause they were his words and, well, let’s face it, he’s cuter. “Okay, here’s a little insider scoop,” Dave says, “and I don’t know if this is real or not, but this is what I was told! It was Will and Sam’s daughter [who was the killer]. And then what happens is, you know, Craig—Sean Faris—comes home and finds her shot, and it was by accident, and then he calls his dad, the big congressman or whatever he was, to come clean it up. And then he comes home and finds out that she’s still breathing, and then, for some reason, suffocates her. So, I guess it’s like sort of a double-kill-type thing.” Pretty crazy, no? Dave also mentions that he and his former Reunion costar Will Estes have remained tight. “I just had lunch with him today.” Love.

Are you watching the new Real World/Road Rules Challenge? Tina punched Beth in the face!
How bonkers was that?! I actually just met up with Miss Beth herself at a party she threw to celebrate the launch of the 2007 Sexiest Men and Women of Reality Television calendar. Yes, Beth the Be-yotch is in the calendar. And I gotta say, she looked pretty fantastic at the soiree. She told me she's been working out and could care less that her castmates seem to despise her. "I feel like I have an advantage actually, because I know I can't rely on anyone else," Beth told me. "And the fact that I can still compete, with everyone else against me, is pretty amazing." As for her nemesis, she says, "Tina is such a loser. She is so afraid of me. She was kissing my ass the night before that challenge. And when I told her that if I had to go into the duel, I was going to pick her, she freaked."


What do you mean by Michael on The Office might lose his job?

Let’s just say that Stamford and Scranton are going to merge within the next few months, and Michael isn’t exactly Jan’s first choice for regional manager. The good news? There’s no way Steve Carell is losing his job, so I wouldn’t worry too much.

I miss Big Love! Is that show ever coming back?

Yes, it absolutely is! In fact, they’ve been filming for months now and spoilers are starting to leak out. Could the Henricksons be getting a fourth wife?! I’m hearing Bill’s got a wandering eye! Sources tell me he has serious feelings for a Serbian waitress in the upcoming season. Also, remember Bill’s sister-in-law Wanda? You know, the one with a penchant for poisoning people? She makes a trip to the loony bin where she belongs.

I adore CBS' Friday night lineup. Do you have anything on Ghost Whisperer, Close to Home or Numb3rs?
How about a little Numb3rs nooky? The cast and creators visited Caltech University last week to celebrate the release of the season-two DVD, and everyone was charming and dishy. I asked creator Cheryl Heuton if Charlie and Amita were going to finally get some satisfaction, and she promised, "In the first half of the season, there'll be some major smooching and making out, and then issues between them, of course, because the course of true love never runs smooth on television." You can say that again, sister. By the way, I officially love me some Cheryl Heuton, who, upon hearing my name, exclaimed, "Oh! You're Michael Ausiello's frienemy!" Hell, yeah, I am. I’ll buy him a (sour) Snapple any day of the week!

Lost! Please!

Don’t be surprised if episode 8 is all about Charlie. Casting notices just went out for two Brits. Both of them are male, and one of them is a “charismatic” university professor. Hmmm…Also, in tonight’s episode you get the answer to that Tease-o-Rama item that “Eko is abducted by a polar bear.” I think you’ll be surprised!

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