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So, are you totally hooked on Heroes yet? Tell me you're not. Look me in the eye, uncross your fingers and toes, and tell me that you watched last night's episode and you're still not hooked.

And in response, I'll call you a big, fat liyah!

Or, okay, I suppose there's still a smidge of a possibility you haven't caught the Heroes bug, but you have no excuse after next week--primarily because that "cliffhanger" they teased in the promo, in which someone says "Peter Petrelli, I have a message for you," is kinda one of those "soiler" (first you say it; then you do it) TV moments you'll never forget. It's like the Locke/wheelchair episode of Lost, where you realize there's no turning back and you're gonna have to watch every damn episode of this addictive TV crack. 

This show just keeps getting better and better. And speaking of, I want to point out one very big thing we learned tonight, courtesy of that map they found in Sylar's lair: There are "dozens more" heroes than the ones we've met, and just like Lost, there are endless storyline and casting possibilities. Whee!

My one bah-humbug note? I personally am not feeling the Peter-Simone chemistry, but maybe that's just me. And maybe I'm biased because I want him for mys...sister.

Now let's get a little spoilery ...


Did you notice what Nathan Petrelli said about his wife in his speech tonight? "I'm sure you know my brave wife would be here were she able." Well, what I've heard is that his wife (Rena Sofer) is in a wheel chair, and I believe it's from that accident Peter mentioned earlier (in the pilot) when he said he "knew" Nathan was in the accident (which, hmmm...given what I told you about Peter absorbing others' powers, also makes me wonder if someone around Peter can sense things--his mother? Oooh, his father who was also depressed, just like Peter? But I'm just speculatin' here. Don't mind me.)

The scene with Matt (Greg Grunberg) and his wife wasn't in the version of the ep. I saw (they hadn't cast her yet), but I do know his relationship is not over with her because we'll see him having sex with her--while reading her mind. Ladies, we should all have husbands with such problems.

In the next ep, (number four) aside from that insane cliffhanger, we'll finally get to see Niki's alter ego (which still confuses me--and I hear it's supposed to) and that  bastard  who assaulted Claire won't exactly get off Scott free...

Plus, next week, you'll get to see a very special guest star whom is sure to win an Emmy for her performance: Miss "Roulette Dealer" Extraordinaire. And yes, that is me. I will be joining you on the message boards next Monday (Oct. 16) to "watch" my guest-spot episode with you. Try to keep your snickers to a minimum, will ya?

In the meantime, in you're a recap fan, make sure you check out the spanking-new "Heroes Recap," written by our very own cult-TV expert, Dr. Anna Graham, in the message boards.

And finally, I leave you with a final über-juicy Hero-ic tease: We may have already met one of those "other" heroes on the map--without knowing it. Dun. Dun. Dun.

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