Ruby Slippers (from the Wizard of the Oz)

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She dropped a house on a witch and stepped into our hearts. Of course, I’m talking about The Wizard of Oz’s Dorothy, the sweet, innocent Kansas girl unforgettably portrayed by Judy Garland before her breathtaking decline into pills, booze and multiple failed marriages. That may be what we remember about Judy (that, and bringing forth Liza), but Dorothy? It's those ruby bloody slippers.

Now, thanks to the next year's 70th anniversary of the film, you too can have a commemorative pair of ruby slippers, though tapping the heels three times will only get you a scuff-it-and-buy-it warning from a squeaky Saks Fifth Avenue clerk. Basically, Warner Bros. and those crystal folks Swarovski are sponsoring 19 big-time designers, from Jimmy Choo to Manolo Blahnik, to do their own take on the classic slippers, which means they won’t look anything like the glittering size fives at the end of Dorothy’s wholesome gams.

Bob Hope


All of which leaves us here at The Soup Blog wondering just what's going on with the recent rash of dead-celebrity-inspired fashion ventures. (You'll recall yesterday's report on the launch of Marilyn Monroe-inspired duds.) With the 23rd anniversary of Bob Hope's Comedy Salute to the Soaps looming on our calendars, can a Versace-designed limited edition of the late star’s personal truss, worn during the second afternoon of taping—which was a Tuesday, from about 2:00 until 6:20 or so—be far behind?

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