Jessica Alba

As if about-to-give-birth Jessica Alba doesn’t have enough to worry about, her dogs went MIA the other day.

I’m happy to report they weren’t lost for long, and they’re back home with Ms. Alba.

But here’s what went down:

A Los Angeles-area couple found two dogs loose in their neighborhood while they were out walking their own pooch. Realizing the owners were nowhere in sight, they brought the dogs home and called the number on their tags.

Well, guess who answered the phone? Alba’s fiancé, Cash Warren! Warren explained to them that the dogs belonged to Alba and that she would come by to pick them up pronto, a source reports.

“Jessica Alba rolled up in her car and explained that they just moved in down the street and things were pretty hectic,” the source said.

Alba thanked her new neighbors profusely before hopping back into her car to drive the dogs home.

—Additional reporting by Laura Lane

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