As we’re sure many of you had occasion to observe via your Internet portals, WNBC anchor Sue Simmons soaked herself with a flagon of hot water this week when she inexplicably shouted out an expletive while her microphone was on. She later apologized for the uncharacteristic flare-up but the mystery of what caused her to lose her cool was conspicuously not revealed.

For those few of you out there who haven't been emailed this a dozen times already, here’s the clip.

(Warning! The baddest of the bad words contained herein.)

Since the clip’s divulgence, no one has been able to deduce exactly what happened on the other side of that camera to prompt the off-color, on-air outburst. Until now, that is. Our very well-connected Research and Blackmail Department here at The Soup Blog has scooped the entirety of media and cracked the case, albeit, in the wholly made-up, no-basis-in-truth sort of manner you should be accustomed to from us by now.

Here then, for the first time ever, is disclosed the object of Sue Simmons flustered inquisition and, boy, it's a doozy. To be honest, after seeing this clip, we involuntarily spewed forth a chain of epithets unheard of outside the time we asked Joel McHale if he might just clean up his desk area a bit.

(Warning! Sensitive viewers may find the following images disturbing.)

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