Nick Cannon

Jennifer Buhl,

Please mail me a list of Nick Cannon's exes.

Honestly, wouldn't you rather share with the class? He was briefly engaged to Victoria's Secret model Selita Ebanks and also boasts previous affairs with Kim Kardashian and Christina Milian. Onward with more of your Burning Questions, eh?

So Angelina finally confirmed that she was having twins. But if celebs make their minions sign confidentiality agreements, how did every gossip outlet already know this?

Why do you think so many of reporters' "sources" have no names? If the blabbermouths went on the record, they'd get fired and sued. Also, come on. That bump has been huge.

Why, why, why are movie stars paid so much?
—Cami, Dallas

The logic goes that most people attend movies based on the stars or some other known quantity, like a comic-book franchise. For example, Will Smith's movies routinely break $100 million worldwide at the box office. His asking salary, therefore, is also high, at a reported $25 million or so.

The logic: People are going to see a Will Smith film, not a postapocalyptic-New-York-virus-flesh-chewing-zombie picture. No Will Smith, no $256 million for the financiers of I Am Legend.

Not that every star can sustain those big paychecks. A few months ago, I interviewed a bunch of Hollywood moneymen about which actors were worth their asking prices. Their biggest off-the-record whisper about $15-million-a-movie Cameron Diaz? "Not worth it."

Who is J.Low?

An actor, singer, dancer and fancier of $3,000 baby carriages.

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