Nattie Neidhart knows what she wants and isn't afraid to fight for it.

In this clip from Tuesday's all-new Total Divas, the wrestling maven reveals she wants to be a part of the WWE's first women's tag team. Why? Well, as Neidhart explains in a confessional, her late father Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart was "part of one of the greatest tag teams in WWE history."

Not only would this opportunity allow Nattie to "follow in his footsteps," but it would also allow her to be a part of history in the WWE.

"I think that's so unique. It's so special. It's a new, first ever thing in WWE," Neidhart further shares. "So, for me to potentially win a Women's Tag Team Championship, I just think it would be another way to honor my dad and make my dad proud."

However, some of Neidhart's Total Divas peers aren't behind the 37-year-old wrestler's mission. For Ronda Rousey, she feels Nattie is using work to distract from her grief.

"Talking to Nattie, I'm starting to realize that there are a lot of things that she is not addressing," the MMA fighter turned wrestler notes later on. "She's spending so much time and energy trying to fill her plate up with work, when it's already overflowed with grieving."

While Nattie practices her pitch on her WWE co-workers, Nia Jax reminds her friend that this might not work out.

Ronda Rousey, Total Divas 902


"I understand where you're coming from, but not everything's gonna work out that way," Nia relays to Nattie. "Not everybody has to be a part of the first-ever everything."

"I do," Neidhart retorts.

While Jax wholeheartedly supports Neidhart, she wants the WWE scion to remember to put "women empowerment" first. Unsurprisingly, Nattie becomes frustrated with Nia's lack of enthusiasm.

"I've been so supportive of Nia," Nattie laments to the Total Divas camera. "If she was on the bench and she wasn't being used, I can guarantee my job on it that Nia would be pissed off and annoyed."

Watch the scene play out in the clip above!

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