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ESC: Harry Styles

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The man, the myth, the dreamboat, Harry Styles is 25 years old today!

Yes, the adorable boy from One Direction that you fell in love with nine years ago is now 25 and that officially makes us really old.

The good news is that Styles' birthday is just another reason to relish in his music and listen to his debut solo album Harry Styles on repeat all day.

Let's be honest, you don't ever really need a reason to listen to the British crooner's amazing album—or his One Direction music for that matter—but we do like a good excuse every now and then.

While the "Sweet Creature" singer has yet to release a second solo record, we still have a lot of catchy tracks to listen to as we remember all of the musical goodness the stylish birthday boy has given us in such a short amount of time.

In addition to hit tracks like "Sign of the Times" and "Kiwi," both of which have epic music videos that you can and should  watch ASAP, Styles premiered two new songs while on tour in 2017 and 2018 and we're still reeling from their amazing lyrics and sound.

Both "Medicine" and "Anna" were sung throughout the Dunkirk actor's first solo tour and they are so good that we don't even care that they were never really officially released to the masses.

What else did the dreamy singer give us while on tour? Epic cover songs, that's what! OK, this post isn't about his cover tracks, because we already have a piece dedicated to all of those killer tunes for you to look at, but it is about his 10 album tracks and two tour releases.

As you try to wrap your head around the fact that Styles is 25 and therefore a real adult we recommend you re-listen to his record as many times as possible today.

Harry Styles

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You know you are already singing "Two Ghosts" and " Carolina" in your head as you read this.

Maybe you're a big fan of "Meet Me in the Hallway" or "Only Angel," and therefore those are the songs you are sing out loud while sitting in class or at work. We don't judge here, any Styles song is a good song to us.

In fact, we love them all so much that we can't choose our favorite, but you can. Vote for the best song from Styles since going solo below and send a little birthday love to the "Woman" crooner while you're at it.

Who knows, maybe Styles will gift us with a new album update in honor of his big day!

Either way, we'd like to say a big happy birthday to Harry, our forever style star and wannabee British boyfriend.

Harry Styles' Best Song Poll
Which of Harry Styles' solo tracks is your favorite to sing along to?

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