The future is looking bright for Rebel Wilson's little sis! 

Tyler Henry gets corporeally acquainted with Rebel in this clip from the season 4 premiere of Hollywood Medium With Tyler Henry. But the powers-that-be are considerably more interested in getting in touch with the actor's younger sister, Liberty.

"They're having me talk about her starting over. That's really the only way I can describe it," Tyler explains at the beginning of the new clip. "They're basically having me talk about her feeling insecure because of her age and where she's at...Obviously, she's still young. But there's this feeling of trying to plan the future and feeling like she's behind in some way."

As far as the details of Liberty's personal business are concerned, Rebel doesn't give away too much. But, during their increasingly emotional conversation about family, she does tell Tyler that her sister has been having a hard time lately.

"Liberty has just been going through a rough...a rough patch," she says. "So, I think as her sisters and as her family we all try to help her move past it and become the person she's supposed to be."

And it sounds like the Wilson family will have a little extra help with that from now on. Or rather, they've had it all along. According to Tyler, there are actually quite a few unearthly authorities looking out for Liberty, too. And apparently, they want her to know she's on the right path.

"They're needing to let her know, like, 'No. This is good. The best is yet to come,'" Tyler relays, adding that Liberty's life advice from the other side includes a strong recommendation to "get all this stuff from the past out" and stay focused on moving forward.

At this point, Rebel whips out her phone. "Should I call her?" she asks Tyler.

"Yeah!" he says.

See how Liberty virtually reacts to Tyler's message—and which part of it brings her big sister to tears—in the clip above! 

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