Giuliana Rancic will be the first to attest—she's always had eyes for George Clooney!

With E! News switching coasts and shifting schedules after this week (the long-running pop culture commentary program will transition from evenings to mornings in the new year), its veteran co-host looks back at her and Clooney's sweetest and silliest run-ins in this nostalgic mash-up video that charts their friendship over the last two decades.

"Are you ever going to get married?" Rancic asks the actor in a taped sit-down interview from 2002. Continuing, she contextualizes her marriage question with a cheeky grin.

"I was going to lie and say, 'Our fans want to know…' But I want to know," she admits to then-single George. "Like, I want to know for personal reasons."

By 2005, their exchanges had taken a turn for the familiar:

"I love you," Giuliana says matter-of-factly, and George doesn't miss a beat before replying, "I know."

Another year later, he's far from the only one. "We all know I'm infatuated with George Clooney," Rancic, steering the network's red carpet program at the 2006 Golden Globe Awards.

That's not the final chapter of Giuliana and George's story, but we won't spoil the ending!

See Rancic go from fangirl to friend in the full compilation video above! And keep an eye out for more sentimental mash-ups where this one came from throughout the rest of this week.

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