1. Terry Dubrow, Botched 610

    Cancer Survivor Wesley's Unusual Post-Op Complication Might Be ''Unfixable,'' According to Dr. Dubrow

  2. Terry Dubrow, Botched 609

    Can Dr. Terry Dubrow Revive New Patient Judy's "Zombie" Boobs?

  3. Judy, Botched 609

    Botched Patient's Implant Literally "Fell Out" of Her Breast (Yes, Really!)

  4. Matt Fraser and Paul Nassif

    See Dr. Paul Nassif Break Down in Tears During a Reading With Meet the Frasers Medium Matt Fraser

  5. Crystal, Botched 608

    Removing ''Genital Hair'' From Crystal's Face Doesn't Go As Planned on Botched

  6. Crystal, Botched 608

    Botched Patient's Cheek Grows ''Literal Pubic Hair'' After Unusual Skin Graft

  7. Sara, Botched 607

    New Botched Patient Sara Has Santa Claus to Blame for Her ''Rudolph Nose''—Find Out Why!

  8. Melissa, Botched 607

    Botched Patient Melissa Explains How Series of Nightmare Breast Surgeries ''Stopped My Whole Life''

  9. Brittany, Botched 606

    Can Dr. Dubrow Remove Brittany's ''Double Stacked'' Breast Implants Without Leaving Too Many Scars?

  10. Brittany, Botched 606

    How Did Botched Patient Brittany End Up With 4 Breast Implants?

  11. Jabrena, Botched 605

    New Botched Patient Jabrena Is Flipping Out Over Her Butt Implants—Find Out Why!

  12. Lisa, Botched 605

    Hopeful Botched Patient Lisa Recalls Being "Tortured" By Bullies Over Her "Pelican Neck"

  13. Terry Dubrow, Botched 604

    Dr. Terry Dubrow Pitches an "Unconventional" and "Weird" Surgical Plan to Fix Michelle's Drooping Breasts

  14. Terry Dubrow, Botched 604

    The Botched Doctors May Need a Drink After Examining Courtney's Massive Butt

  15. Sammy, Botched 603

    Dr. Paul Nassif Has Doubts About Solving Pop Star Sammy's "Extremely Difficult & Scary" Botched Case

  16. Sammy, Botched 603

    Lebanese Pop Star Sammy Hopes the Botched Doctors Can Fix His Baklava-Looking Nose

  17. Oliver, Botched 602

    Can the Botched Doctors Fix BTS Superfan Oliver's "K-Popped" Nose?

  18. Botched Episode 602

    Drs. Paul Nassif & Terry Dubrow Face a Potentially Unsolvable Medical Case on Botched

  19. Paul Nassif, Brittany Pattakos

    Newlywed Dr. Paul Nassif Reveals How Many Kids He Wants With Brittany Pattakos!

  20. Tiffany Pollard, Botched 601

    Tiffany "New York" Pollard Is "Ready To Go Clubbing" After Breast Surgery on Botched

  21. Terry Dubrow, Botched 601

    Dr. Nassif Had Surgery?! See Terry Dubrow's Reaction When He Learns About His Colleague's Recent Facelift

  22. Tiffany "New York" Pollard, Botched 601

    Tiffany ''New York'' Pollard Worries She Won't Be the Same "HBIC" Without Breast Implants

  23. Patricia, Botched 414

    OMG Look At Her Butt! A Roundup of Botched's Biggest Behinds

  24. Paul Nassif, Terry Dubrow

    Botched Bros! Take a Closer Look at Dr. Terry Dubrow & Dr. Paul Nassif's Friendship

  25. Botched 404, Rodrigo Alves

    Relive Botched's Real-Life Dolls and More Interesting Patients Ahead of the Season 6 Premiere

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