5 Things You Didn’t Know About Korean Hip Hop Band, DPR

We round up five things you need to know about one of the hottest Korean hip hop groups right now, DPR

By Jocelyn Tan 21 Dec, 2018 3:22 AMTags

The Hallyu Wave might still be going strong, but don't underestimate the power of Korean Hip Hop! Korean hip hop has had its fair share of veteran stars such as Jay Park, Drunken Tiger and CL with stunning tracks and star-studded collabs but a new cohort is burning up the stage like no other.

Coming from different backgrounds of music, this collective took their most visionary ideas and fashioned not only stellar tracks, but also amazing visuals. The best part? They did it everything on their own, from scratch, without a label to their name.

If you still don't know who we're talking about, you have to get out of your rock! Here are five things you didn't know about Dream Perfect Regime, better known as DPR.

DPR Live And DPR Rem Talk About Their Struggles, The Future And... Karaoke?

1. DPR Live never started out wanting to become an artist

He only wanted to become an artist when he was in the military, despite his mum asking him since elementary school what his aspirations for the future were.

2. They did not start out making music

DPR Rem told us, "We were first a visual team. We used to shoot a lot of music videos for other labels and stuff." It was only when they debuted Coming To You Live, did they feel like they could make "this collective an actual label".

3. HER was inspired by a girl

That's right ladies, Live revealed to us that he "really wanted to share a love theme, a love sound" and that he "always wanted to do that with the team and it was based on a girl; based on a love story". He didn't reveal to us who this girl was but he did mention that the album was supposed to be "relatable to our generation right now such as texting and you can meet a girl at a bar, at a club". He "found romance in little parts in that kind of situation" and "wanted to just pull it out, capture it in a songs and make it relatable and make it an awesome tune to bounce your head to".

Well, technically. It's vague enough for us, so you ladies you still get to shoot your shot.

4. DPR REM's artist pick is none other than…

...Drake! This self-proclaimed fan-boy would love to ask if they can hang out so please Drake, if you will.

5. They like to de-stress by going on trips

It's crazy stressful just thinking of joining this creative team. Not only do they make their own videos and their music, they have to take care of the business aspect of it all as well. With that, Rem mentions they "just rent out a nice Airbnb or a nice pension and [they] just stay there together and experience the culture there, eat good food, go sightseeing, just get [their] mind off the everyday hustle".

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