From owning the runway to being a full-fledged martial artist, this year's Miss Universe winner, Catriona Gray, is undeniably a pretty face, but also so much more. Here, we round up the top five reasons why she should be everyone's new beauty icon.

1. She Walks Like A Supermodel

With years of modelling and pageant experience under her belt, there was no doubt that Miss Universe Catriona Gray can handle strutting down the runway. But the 24-year-old did more than that — as her walk caught the eye of supermodel Tyra Banks as well as host Ashley Graham (who's also a successful model). Banks later tweeted, "Pinoy power to the max! You did it! And that walk and confidence? I mean… next-level fierce!"

2. Her Skin Is Dewy And Radiant

Beauty standards may differ between different culture across the world. But if there's anything that's consistent, it's that women all want their skin to be bright and radiant. With a smooth and plump complexion that has a warm healthy glow, no wonder Gray radiates beyond skin deep. Who wouldn't want a lit-from-within glow that hers?

3. Look At That Bone Structure…

Born to a Scottish father and Filipina mother, Catriona Gray does have her mixed heritage to thank for her exotic good looks. On top of that, when you factor in some killer makeup skills and an excellent contouring kit, no wonder she manages to achieve such perfectly sculpted cheekbones every single time.

4. And Those Luscious Locks

Gray wasn't chosen to star in a Pantene ad for nothing. Her striking looks, personality and acting chops aside, we're pretty sure her naturally long, cascading tresses had a large role to play in helping her nail that coveted job. Let's be honest — with hair like that, it wouldn't take much convincing for anyone to want to have what she's having.

5. She Is Also A Bona Fide Fitspo

Photographed here giving Muay Thai a go, Gray is actually a legit martial artist, in addition to being an accomplished singer and painter. Trained in Choi Kwang Do, Gray started taking lessons since she was eight and already earned herself a black belt by the time she was 12.

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