How Yvette King Got Ready For The First-Ever Asian E! Live From the Red Carpet

Get a behind-the-scenes look at how our E! News Asia host Yvette King got ready for the 2018 Asian Academy Creative Awards red carpet

By Yvette King 10 Dec, 2018 10:20 AMTags
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Without sounding too much like a turkey, no matter how seasoned or unseasoned you are as a presenter, live television is known as a completely different beast. Unexpected and exciting at the same time. Truly anything can happen! So when my boss asked if I could host the first-ever Asian E! Live From the Red Carpet for the inaugural Asian Academy Creative Awards I jumped at the opportunity. Not only is it E!'s signature franchise, it's one of it's most watched and successful to boot. Heck yes, I'm in. But the immediate question that came to mind after getting that news was… what on Earth am I going to wear? Priorities people! 

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Step in Jessicacindy Hartono. The Singapore-based, Indonesian designer — a favourite to stars, brides-to-be and influencers alike — came to the rescue. After initial discussions of what the dress would look like, a beautiful sketch and lots of late night Whatsapps later, she created a custom gown for me and my growing bump. While I had several fittings (um, this belly has a life of it's own!), my reaction to putting on the final creation was priceless. This perennial chatterbox was rendered speechless!

Regarding hair and makeup, um I woke up like this? Not! What you don't see at home is how long it really takes to get camera ready. I'm not gonna lie: This usually takes two hours. Fiona Bennett waved her magic wand, ahem brush, inspired by the rose gold tones of the dress. Metallic shimmer for the eyeshadow, a nude with brown undertone lip and an even, matt complexion was the order of the evening. No dewy finish needed here — did I mention we were shooting this outdoors in Singapore? One hundred percent humidity and thirty-five degrees Celsius. Yep that "glow" would be inevitable!

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Tomoya Lizawa went with an updo for the hair — we had to show off that dress detail and of course, the finishing touch, jewellery from the Tiffany & Co Hardwear collection. Fun fact: our E! gal Kendall Jenner wore the same Link Earrings to the Met Gala after-party this year. Good enough for Kenny, certainly good enough for me!

At this point, with all the beauty and glam taken care of, all that was left to do was pray to the Seacrest gods that the live TV part would all go off without a hitch.

Getting ready with the talented Fiona Bennett!
It takes two: Tomoya Lizawa making my hair look its best.
Final beauty look!
Jessicacindy Hartono worked her magic on a custom gown for me.
Isn't it just gorgeous?
If these earrings are good enough for Kendall Jenner, they're good enough for me!

Dress: Jessicacindy

Jewellery: Tiffany & Co 

Makeup Artist: Fiona Bennett

Hair: Tomoya Lizawa

Photographer (Behind the scenes): Zantz Han

Photographer (Red carpet): Ashley Mak