Royally Obsessed: The Hottest Asian Royals You Need to Know

From heirs to spares and everywhere in between, behold the hottest blue bloods to bawl over!

By Adriel Chiun 06 Dec, 2018 8:43 AMTags

Dedicating their lives to public servitude, and winning the hearts of their people, these bright-eyed sovereigns take on their birth right with style, grace and, more often than not, give good face.

Breathing new life into their respective Royal Houses, these individuals are no longer sequestered high atop their ivory towers. Unlike the ones before them, they have adopted incredibly modern sensibilities and have thoroughly won the praise of their subjects, not to mention the world.

From glamorous humanitarians to charismatic multi-linguists, this refreshing class of monarchs-in-waiting, royal progenies and aristocrats have the promise of youth, influence and freethinking on their side — and all formidable in their own right.

Padmanabh Singh, Marahaja of Jaipur

Dapper, dreamy and GQ India's Most Stylish Man of the Year 2018, Maharaja Padmanabh Singh of Jaipur, is the textbook definition of a modern prince. But merely labelling him a heartthrob would be doing him a great, albeit incredibly accurate, injustice. Born in 1998, and informally crowned at the age of only 13, Padmanabh (nicknamed "Pacho") is a decorated polo player — like his grandfather Maharaja Bhawani Singh and great-grandfather His Highness Maharaja Man Singh II, before him. Adding to his stellar sportsmanship, Padmanabh is also a model and escorted Reese Witherspoon's daughter, Ava Phillippe, at the Bal des Debutantes in Paris last November.

Princess Mako of Akishino

The belle of the Chrysanthemum Throne, Her Imperial Highness Princess Mako of Akishino is just like her mother Her Imperial Highness Princess Akishino of Japan — in which Her Highness is a dedicated and loving humanitarian. Gifted in a plethora of languages, Her Highness speaks many and is especially adept in Japanese Sign Language. And we're not done. In 2011, as part of the Tōhuku earthquake and tsunami relief, Her Highness volunteered incognito. It wasn't until the paparazzi found out that the media maelstrom ensued.

Queen Jetsun Pema of Bhutan

Her Majesty Queen Jetsun Pema of Bhutan became the youngest queen in history, at only the tender age of 21, when she married Bhutan's "Dragon King", His Majesty King Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck; thrusting her once secluded Shangri-La of Bhutan into the spotlight of the world with their epic fairy tale romance. Her Majesty, who attended boarding school in India and Regent's College in London, is a modern woman of the world and exudes the gentle demeanour of a senior royal. Loved by her people who admire her for her undying public servitude, Her Majesty is also the mother to the heir apparent to the Dragon Throne — making her one Queen we can definitely all say "YAS" to.

Prince Abdul Mateen of Brunei

Tall, athletic and with facial features that could cut glass, His Royal Highness Prince Abdul Mateen of Brunei is a total Adonis. Lending his super model looks to politics and international affairs, His Highness also cuts an impressive figure in and out of a suit. Don't believe us? Just ask his fans on Instagram — all one million (and counting) of them. Oh, and did we mention that he is great at polo too? So girls; swoon at your own discretion.

Princess Sirivannavari Nariratana of Thailand

The most creative Asian royal in our book, Her Royal Highness Princess Sirivannavari Nariratana of Thailand is the whole package: Humanitarian, glamorous equestrian par excellence, and decorated fashion designer. If it sounds like we are absolutely besotted with the Thai royal, then we're doing it right. And with good reason, because there's a lot to love, not to mention celebrate, about Her Highness. And since the Princess has a humble habit of shying away from her achievements, we'll do it for her. Take Princess Sirivannavari's official fashion debut in 2007 for example: Then, still an art school undergraduate, Her Highness's collection was staged in the fashion capital of Paris, during the height of Fashion Week, at the behest of the French fashion powerhouse Balmain — to standing ovations. How's that for a celebration?

Princess Iman bint Abdullah of Jordan

Impossibly intellectual, and bearing an uncanny resemblance to her mother Her Majesty Queen Rania of Jordan, Her Royal Highness Princess Iman bint Abdullah of Jordan is beauty and brains — brains that led her to attend famed American institution Georgetown University in Washington D.C. Feted by the royal circle, Her Highness is an accomplished equestrian who has toured Europe and Asia with her parents and is a loud supporter in her father's initiative that encourages Jordanian youth to be more physically active. And with this amount of experience, it's hard to imagine she's only 22. What were we doing at 22 again?