Here's What Chinese-Canadian Actor Ludi Lin Really Thinks About 'Aquaman'

Find out the hardest part of filming 'Aquaman' that the dashing actor had to do!

By Pakkee Tan 05 Dec, 2018 9:54 AMTags
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Ludi Lin may not be a household name yet, but if his interview with E! News Asia is anything to go by, he definitely will be soon.

Starring as Murk in the upcoming Aquaman movie, alongside the hunky Jason Momoa, is set to blow up the big screen with his action-packed role.

But he's more than just ripped abs and bulging biceps — the actor wants to build up the community of Asian actors in Hollywood too, and being a positive role model by leading the way.

"For the Asian actors out there, you need to help each other out," he says. "I know it's very difficult right now, especially in Hollywood, because there's just so little out there for you. [But] the only way to get representation is to help each other out and create more."

Watch our exclusive interview above as Lin tells us more about his role, the hardest parts of filming the movie, being a role model for Asians and giving back to the Asian film community.