19 Of The Hottest K-Pop Heartthrobs To Swoon Over

Dancing and singing all the way into your heart

By Charmaine Tan 04 Dec, 2018 5:25 AMTags

If K-pop is a multi-sensory experience, these idols sure know how to make it extra visionary when it comes to their offensively handsome faces and the fittest of frames. In no particular order, here are some of K-pop's best singing, dancing and most charming males to date.

Jin, BTS

Jin is truly "Worldwide Handsome" indeed, with a golden ratio-ed face and shoulders almost as wide as the vast ocean.

Jung Yong Hwa, CNBLUE

Rock star Yong Hwa's voice becomes sweeter when he breaks into that charming and heart-fluttering smize of his.


Min Ho's kind eyes seem like the perfect contrast to the rock-solid "wash-board" abs he hides beneath those layers.


His quirky personality, deep set peepers and rich, velvety raps make for a sumptuous celebration of the senses.

Dong Hae, Super Junior

Out of the military and smokier than ever is Super Junior's Dong Hae.

Kai, EXO

Only a man with a jaw as chiseled as Kai's is allowed to dance as powerfully he does.

Lucas, NCT

This doe-eyed boy recently made his runway debut during Seoul Fashion Week in October. Need we say more about this statuesque young'un?


The world's most beautiful face two years in a row there are no signs of any letting up. If anime characters were secretly real, V, especially with his husky voice, is definitely our first suspect.

Ming Yu, Seventeen

His princely physiognomy will catch your attention, but his powerful raps are what will keep you coming back for more.

Min Hyuk, BTOB

Arched eyebrows can be just as seductive on men as they are on ladies. Exhibit A: Min Hyuk.

Seong Woo, Wanna One

Sharp features and the face of a movie-star, Seong Woo's charismatic stare never fails to give onlookers the best kind of chills.

Jung Kook, BTS

The softest features over a body of steel. The "Golden Maknae" is now a very fine and talented young man.

Sehun, EXO

With the physique and side-profile of a mannequin, it's no surprise that its Se Hun that makes the clothes he wears look good.


The King of the K-pop's alluring and irresistible charm has got the whole world spinning in the palm of his hand, even while he still serving in the military.

Sung Jae, BTOB

Sung Jae is a precious sweetheart with an impressionable smile and gaze that will only leave you feeling all warm and fuzzy inside.

Baek Hyun, EXO

Multi-talented singer-songwriter who has a razor sharp jawline and a gaze that constantly shape-shifts between being puppy-cute to piercingly mischievous.

Jackson, GOT7

The goofiest ball of sunshine who is not only a husky rapper, but a dashing multi-linguist and variety show expert.

Shownu, Monsta X

Can a guy look equally boyish and manly at the same time? Apparently so — Shownu is the epitome of both.

Kang Daniel, Wanna One

This self-proclaimed helpless romantic is a charismatic rapper and talented break-dancer with the most endearing, bunny teeth smile. (More like we are the helpless romantics here though?)

L, Infinite

One of the OG heartthrobs of K-pop, and perhaps the most handsome Crown Prince in his past life?