Chinese Supermodel Liu Wen Tells Us The Best Part Of Being A Model

The Chinese supermodel talks to E! News Asia host Winnie Wen about surviving fashion week, her favourite part of being a model and almost becoming a tour guide

By Pakkee Tan 29 Nov, 2018 10:18 AMTags
Watch: Supermodel Liu Wen Wanted to be a Tour Guide Growing Up | E! VIP New York Fashion Week

"Before I became a model, my dream was to be a tour guide!" Liu Wen told E! News Asia host Winnie Wen during an interview at New York Fashion Week. "I wanted to travel the world and experience different cultures."

And she's accomplished just that: Working as model, the supermodel has gone to places such as Cuba, Paris, Milan, Tokyo and more.

"[As] as model, I am very privileged to have the opportunity to visit many different cities," she said.

But you don't become a top model and get to travel to as many places as she has without a few secrets!

Of her accomplishments and secrets to success, Liu said, "I feel that it is increasingly important to develop one's own unique style and personality [so that] people will recognise and relate to this authenticity in you."

To find out more about the supermodel, watch the full video above.

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