A (Very Biased) Ranking: These Are The Top 3 Sexiest EXO Members

Warning: This post could be divisive for some EXO-Ls

By E! Asia Staff 28 Nov, 2018 2:56 AMTags
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You'd think ranking K-pop idols as sexy as the boys of EXO to be an easy task, but when each member has their own unique charm, the stakes are raised. Seriously, just when you thought you've got your top bias down and fixate your eyes on that one member, another comes creeping in to wreck that list.

This following list will, by no means, affect EXO's existing sexiness, but will it affect your existing bias list?

Here goes:

3. Oh Sehun, better known as Sehun

Sehun, the maknae (which means the youngest in Korean) of EXO, is a clear choice. With his charming smile, Sehun can make you float in clouds of euphoria, and don't get us started on his stage presence. Swoon. With his broad shoulders and fine stature always enveloped in impeccable style choices, this only further enhances the whole package. Want to see and feel what it's like to be instantly magnetised to another human being? Just look at Oh Sehun.

2. Kim Jong In, better known as Kai

Kai oh Kai… where do we even begin to expound on his wealth of stellar sexiness? His fitting title as EXO's main dancer and centre has never once fallen short of his fans' expectations—just look at his new moves in EXO's brand new 'Tempo' MV! His exemplary dance skills paired with his magnetic one-of-a-kind facial expressions are truly out of this world. I submit the following lethal evidence: His solo dance opening for EXO at the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics closing ceremony, his solo ‘I See You' for EXO's 4th concert tour The ElyXiOn and literally any other appearance of him you can find on Youtube.

1. Doh Kyung Soo, better known as D.O.

D.O.? You must already be refuting this on your end when this name comes up as #1. He is not the tallest or buffest member of EXO, but he possesses a nonchalant stance and persona that just makes him resoundingly attractive. His duality both on and off set is insanely polarizing but it‘s this exact duality that intrigues and captivates his fans. Winner of the ‘Best New Actor' award at the 38th Blue Dragon Film Awards, he has cemented himself, not just as a singer, but an actor too. His deep brooding voice oozes charisma and his endearingly awkward self on set during talk/reality shows will leave you begging for more.